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coleh21 09-06-2004 01:05 AM

If Venturi was coach
At least if he was coach he could see that Brooks does not have the mental and leadership ability needed for the quarterback position with deuce any quarterback can go 8-8 people make too many excuses for him maybe haselett needs to go if he can not pull him if he starts to fumble every other play or just if he laughs after an interception bench him.

vulture 09-06-2004 01:56 AM

If Venturi was coach
Any QB could go 8-8 with Duece? I don\'t see your logic there. I love Duece but Tomlinson is better and San Diego finished 4-12 last year.

coleh21 09-06-2004 02:19 AM

If Venturi was coach
The Chargers have probably the worst receivers and defense in the league hell dree brees would have went 8-8 with the saints last year at least he doesn\'t laugh every time he screws up

coleh21 09-06-2004 02:21 AM

If Venturi was coach
and if the chargers had venturi running their defense they would have went at least 8-8

spkb25 09-06-2004 08:54 AM

If Venturi was coach
coleh ur nuts. i didnt like the fumbles last year but u cant argue with 24 td\'s n 8 int\'s. ur silly. hes young. but hes a good qb. thats just ridiculous.

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