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CheramieIII 09-06-2004 01:37 PM

35K, that's all!
Story from J. Stewart of the Houma Courier and to think that Blanco has a chance in the new stadium negotiations? I think NOT:

NFL was wrong on this one

Courier Sports Editor

You mean to tell me the 32 NFL team owners -- well, 31 actually because the Green Bay Packers are publicly owned -- who convinced four networks six years ago to spend $19.8 billion in order to televise their games couldn’t bear to part with $35,000?

That’s how much each owner would have lost had the NFL and New Orleans Saints owner Tom Benson done the right thing and canceled Friday night’s preseason game between the Saints and the Miami Dolphins.

With Hurricane Frances bearing down on south Florida packing winds in excess of 100 mph, the Dolphins players had more on their minds than a meaningless exhibition game -- and that’s what these games really are, the league just prefers the word preseason like car dealers prefer to use the term pre-owned rather than used.

And when it comes to the exhibition season, no game is more meaningless than the final one. Teams usually play their starters no more than two or three series -- if at all -- before getting them out of there and resting them for the regular season opener.

Instead of playing, the Dolphins wanted to use the time to get their homes and families prepared for the oncoming storm.

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