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WhoDat 12-17-2002 05:48 PM

SAINTS - Super Bowl bound!!
OK - I want a little optimism. I am the consummate pessimist and even I think things might have gone a little far since Sunday. Let's consider the possibilities for the Saints.

1st - they could lose out and miss the playoffs. This is a realistic possibility. However, as I believe it was Gatorman put it in another forum, "I am a big believer in match ups." The Bungles game could be close, b/c they've been putting up points... but they're the Bungles. We'll get by them. Carolina will be close also, b/c it always is, but we'll squeak it out.

2nd - we go all the way baby. We have the talent to go all the way if the d plays up like it did against Tampa and the offense doesn't stall in the red zone. How great would a Saints/Dolphins Super Bowl be? I'd love to beat up on Rickey.

3rd - Here's my realistic prediction. The Saints make it into playoffs as the wild card and 5 cede. We go to SF and upset them. Then we go to Philly and lose by 10. Not a bad year overall.

But let's not forget, we COULD be Super Bowl bound baby! Every thing changes when the playoffs begin. With our offense, we have a shot. Let's have some optimism!

JOESAM2002 12-17-2002 06:34 PM

SAINTS - Super Bowl bound!!
Thank you Whodat, sure is nice to hear some optimism for a change. Lord knows I\'ve been down on the defense too. I hope they get their stuff together and not forget where they put it.

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