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triman 03-07-2013 05:06 PM

My FA thoughts
Signing Bushrod is our top priority.

Safety is a need IMHO and the money for safety tends to be lower than pass rusher's Glover Quinn Texan S is a young and a player on the rise.
Charles Woodson is a hall of fame player near the end of his playing days.He was a cap casualty. I feel that there is still gas in the tank and that he would love a shot at 2nd Ring.He could also play corner.
Ed Reed see above. I think he stays a Raven
Rush LB are very costly in FA
Victor Butler is a possibility and RR is familiar with him
OT I am really hoping that we sign Bushrod because if we don't we are going to draft his replacement.The price of a decent replacement is steep
TE We are thin at this position . Two players that interest me are Jared Cook and Delanie Walker. Cook is player that Drew could turn into a star compliment to J. Graham. Walker is a tremendous blocker.
WR. Not going to adress
DT With the depth at this position in the draft it is unlikely we spend any money at this position
DE Not enough money to get any body worth having
CB N.Asomougha is worth a try if the money is right low base big incentives. A change of scenery could work wonders.This guy has played in some bad lockerooms.At 3/4s of his Raider days he would be damnable good Worth a shot in my humble opinion.
In closing I think that the Saints will let the dust settle and wait for the bargain phase of FA.

D_it_up 03-07-2013 08:52 PM

Re: My FA thoughts

Originally Posted by triman (Post 484230)
WR. Not going to adress

I hope this isn't the case. The receiving corps needs some more depth, and I honestly believe David Nelson would be a good fit in the offensive system. I really hope they go after this guy.

Rugby Saint II 03-07-2013 09:15 PM

Re: My FA thoughts
Pretty good breakdown except for keeping Bushrod.........let him walk and draft his replacement to a long term contract at the rookie price.

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