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JOESAM2002 12-17-2002 06:37 PM

On to bigger and better things.
Any one have thoughts about the Bengals game? What it will take to win? Let's get behind the Saints.

daviddrake2 12-18-2002 09:13 AM

On to bigger and better things.
Here are my keys to winning the Bengals game...

On Offense:

1) Spread out the passing game, quick 5-yard strikes, 5-15 yard routes across the middle and long throws down the sidelines and use a variety of receivers -- Bengals have a very porous pass defense.

2) Don\'t be afraid to throw on 1st down.

3) Give Brooks time to make passes -- this means solid blocking and picking up blitzers.

4) Use Deuce more sparingly than usual, mainly to open up the passing game (let him rest up and get stronger for the playoffs).

5) Take advantage of Red Zone opportunities -- TDs!!!!!

6) If and hopefully when we build a comfortable margin, put Jake in to give him more valuable game experience (just in case we need him to step in in the playoffs) and to give Aaron a rest.

7) As usual, win the turnover battle.

And on Defense:

1) Control Duggins, Warwick, Dillon and Johnson and keep their reception counts low

2) Limit big passing plays.

3) Pressure Kitna, make him make mistakes -- he will.

4) Make sure we block Smith and Williams (this will give Brooks time to throw).

5) Watch Schobel on the short route.

6) Don\'t let Dillon or Warwick break the Big run.

7) Watch Bennett on kick off returns.


David in Houston

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