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Greetings from a Hawks fan

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; What I have to say is not acceptible on this board. BnB, Saintfan... Billy... Gator... lil\' help please. WOOOOOOOOOOOOO-SAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! [Edited on 9/9/2004 by pakowitz]...

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Greetings from a Hawks fan

What I have to say is not acceptible on this board. BnB, Saintfan... Billy... Gator... lil\' help please. WOOOOOOOOOOOOO-SAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

[Edited on 9/9/2004 by pakowitz]
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Greetings from a Hawks fan

I hope Donte Stallworth is wearing one of those helmets that have the extra layer of protection on the outside because Hamlin’s gonna light his BUTT up again. That’s assuming Stallworth doesn’t pull another hammy and ruin his “potential�.
You may see Hamlin with one. Donte jumped up, grabbed his helmet and ran back to the huddle as Hamlin was slow to get up, and groggy and stumbled back to his huddle.
But it was a beautiful hit, he just didn\'t pack much pain with it.
But off the smack...

Seattle is a superbowl darling on so many sites its unbelievable.
They are primed for an awesome season. 10-6 would be a huge disappointment in that division.

The Saints have underachieved for 2 years and have what most experts call gaping holes and glaring weaknesses on their defense.

Imagine how embarrasing it would be if the mighty Seahawks actually lost to this bunch of underachieving wimpy slackers.

Man that would be humiliating wouldn\'t it?

That would be like losing to Cincinatti or Washington...

Oh wait, you already did that last year, to both, sorry...I forgot...

Saints 31
Seahawks 27

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Greetings from a Hawks fan

What? This is going to be a damn good game. And it\'s not like our distant \"friend\" has shed any light on the subject- I know about Walter Jones, and it\'s not a question of whether or not he will get punked this weekend, rather, the question should be how many times he will get punked. I know about Strong- he\'s no big secret if you follow the NFL at all. I\'m fully aware of what he can do. If I remember correctly, he had a great game against us last year.
Not sure why Green\'s name came up- they\'re not the same runner, with the exception of speed. Deuce I\'m not all too concerned about, considering he ripped 99 yards on 22 attempts last year, and I\'ve seen better defensive lines...as a matter of fact, we have one of them. Wouldn\'t look for Alexander to break the 100 yard barrier this weekend- yeah, I said it. So?
My two concerns are- 1. Hamlin- what can I say, I really like this guy. Always love watching him play. Potential pro-bowler. 2. Robinson/Jackson- will either bring their A-game? If so, we could be in for a brutal contest. If they have a case of the \"drops\", which happens to these two a few times, it\'ll be over faster than one of Hasselbeck\'s Rogaine treatments. They suffer the same problem that we\'ve seen in the Big Easy with our receivers.

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Greetings from a Hawks fan

...and bro, I wouldn\'t be too quick to **** on our linebackers, Seattle is not in the best of shape at that position either. Brown going down with a broken leg musta hurt, considering his backup looks like he would be more comfortable playing Uncle Fester on a Munsters remake. Simmons is good, but our O-Line is good enough to know this, so don\'t look for him to lay the wood very often. And if you watch any of our games, you know how well our O-lineman are at getting to the 2nd level on run plays.

The waiting drove me mad....
I don't want to hear from those that know...
Everything has changed, absolutely nothing's changed

Eddie is a....draftnik?
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Greetings from a Hawks fan

O.K, guys. My miniture hiatus is over. By the way, mods. Who screens these people?!?!?!

Seattle has a much better secondary than the Saints, there is no question, but I guarantee Hasselbeck won\'t be throwing to Freddy\'s side of the field very much. After Ambrose gets torched a couple of times, Haslett better have the keen judgement to put in Fahkir Brown. Tebucky Jones will be much improved and show it in this game. Jackson and Robinson better think twice before going across the middle or you will see the same scenario as Stallworth/Hamlin last year, only with a T-Buck laying the lumber. The quick pass rush the Saints have on the front line (no matter what combination of Howard, Grant, Green, Smith, Sullivan, and Young) will cause chaos for Hasselbeck all day long. On run plays, if Alexander is good enough to get through the D-line, he better keep his head up for Courtney Watson and Derrick Rodgers. They\'ll make his think twice about running up the middle or on the weak side.

As far as the offensive side of the ball for the Saints, Deuce will run that line and those weak Seattle linebackers over like a redheaded stepchild. I can see Donte\' outrunning ALL of the Hawks secondary and Brooks hitting him in stride for big gains. Our two tight end packages will be a good diversion for the receiving corps later in the game. After a few outs to the tight ends, the secondary and linebackers will be so focused on Deuce, Boo, and Ernie, that it will open the field up for Horn, Pathon, and Stallworth to light up the secondary. Speaking of the Hawks secondary, who did they get to replace Springs? Oh, yeah. Bobby Taylor. Can he stay healthy? Has he lost a step? The Saints secondary will sure enough be willing to find out, as they will go towards him early.

My prediction: Saints 23 Seattle 16

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Greetings from a Hawks fan

If Taylor\'s overrated ass starts, he\'ll be protected by the rest of Seattle\'s secondary, much like he was when he was in Philly.
And is Boulware going to start this weekend? Robinson is injured, I think, but I don\'t know how bad.
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Greetings from a Hawks fan

Good topics, fellas. Let me see what I can say about them- one at a time.

1. Kazyvenski (Brown\'s replacement) is definitely no slouch. I\'m pretty sure none of you have seen him play much, so I wont go into it far. He\'ll blow up the run as well as any LB in the game, but his pass coverage isn\'t stellar. I\'m sure Haslett will game plan for that and try to get Deuce paired with him. Having said that, this guy\'s a gamer who always seems to make plays despite coming from Harvard and being \"Uncle Fester\" (according to you guys). By the way, he\'s better than any LB you have on your roster and he\'s our 2nd backup.

2. Bobby Taylor wont be starting, Ken Lucas will. Lucas has started the past two years for us and has been up and down, but he\'s 6\'0\" and fast as hell. He\'s also had the best training camp out of any DB we have (including Trufant) and is looking to have a monster year because he\'s a FA next year. If he should somehow not get re-signed with us, I highly suggest you guys take a look at him next year. Oh, wait a sec, Haslett\'s ignored your weakest link (CB) for the past three years. Nevermind, you guys will probably just go with the great Fred Thomas!

Taylor will be our nickel guy and should do well. He\'s definitely lost a step, but no more than Ambrose or Thomas. He\'s still a player and I\'m sure he can blanket Pathon or any other #3 WR you put in there.

3. Yes, the loss of Brown hurts. He\'s easily my favorite player, but more importantly one of the best OLB\'s in the game. He can blitz, cover and tackle. What Saints fans fail to realize is that we have awesome depth, especially at LB. That\'s why no one\'s too worried about it. You guys also fail to realize that we still have Anthony Simmons, who\'s a beast.

4. If you guys think Ernie Conwell is a solid player, you\'re worse off than I thought. I do like Boo Williams. but he still hasn\'t shown me enough for me to worry. If you think Ray Rhodes is seriously worried about Conwell, guess again. I\'m sure he\'s only worried about one thing- DEUCE.

5. For the pseudo-smart prognosticator that predicts Walter Jones will get used this weekend, good luck. Your only hope is that he\'s so rusty that your DE\'s will get by him, because other than that, you\'re in for disappointment. Chances are you will get your sacks, but probably not against him. I hope Haslett\'s got some blitzes planned because with Jones, Hutchinson and Terry out there I feel pretty comfortable.

6. As for Hamlin being the one who got the worse end of that hit on Stallworth, c\'mon bro. Yeah, I know Donte popped right up, all receivers do. They want to send a message that it didn\'t hurt or affect them. However, I noticed after that that Stallworth had his a** on the sideline for the next few plays. Hell, even your own Jerome Pathon said that Stallworth hasn\'t been the same since that hit. Don\'t kid yourself about that, bro. Your boy got lit up. It\'s ok, it\'s part of football. Darrell Jackson got killed two years ago in Dallas and almost passed out in the locker room. It\'s a part of football, but don\'t try and say Stallworth was \"fine\".

7. You\'re right about Seattle being the \"media darlings\" of the NFL right now. For the record, I\'m not too sure about how I feel about that. Our franchise, much like your own, hasn\'t had too many great seasons and I\'m very used to being the underdog. It\'ll be interesting to see how we handle the added pressure.

8. If you think we\'re going to throw away from Fred Thomas, then you guys are officially on crack. Yeah, Ambrose is worse than Thomas and we\'ll probably look his direction a few times, but Thomas simply isn\'t good enough to warrant that kind of game-planning. I can\'t even remember a game when we steered clear of any CB and that includes last year when we played Champ Bailey and Chris McAllister. Yeah, I know we lost both of those games, but it wasn\'t a CB that won those games for them.

By the way, what\'s up with not trading for McKenzie? I think that move would be very nice for your defense.

Later, fellas.
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Greetings from a Hawks fan

WOW!!!! Its good to finally have a football discusion around here.. And glad to see a hawks fan in here thats funny... I hope you stay after you get dismantled this weekend.
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Greetings from a Hawks fan

I just like to see sun/moonshiners unite in a common cause!!!!
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Greetings from a Hawks fan

I\'m excited about this game. In fact, I think it\'ll be the best one all weekend.

Mr. Maiden, I\'m glad you\'re pumped about your team. I\'m also tickled plum fuchsia that you chose to visit our little ole site and share your charm and wit with us coonasses (and honorary coonasses).

One quick note, though: I\'d much rather have our secondary with our D-line than your secondary with your D-line. Seriously... just cause you overpaid for the ex-Mutton, doesn\'t make you Baltimore. We\'ve learned hear in NO during the offseason that cbs are overrated. Paul and John might\'ve only needed love... but round here all you need\'s a pash-rush.I don\'t seriously think that your O-line can stand up to the rotation our D\'s gonna be able to provide on the line. Walter Jones *cough*outofshape*cough* or not.

Oh... and

that yellow hanky of doom
very nice, S. Very nice

Can\'t wait for the game tonight. I hear Beyonce singing as I type. Come to whowatches *hehehehe* come a little closer....

If anyone\'s in Pelham, AL, holla at me for a Shiner and a burger.

Catch you guys after the game!
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