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rlrigmaiden 09-08-2004 06:35 PM

Greetings from a Hawks fan
Hello from the lovely Northwest.

Us Seahawk fans wanted to wish your team good luck this week as my boy Hasselbeck and Co. rip apart your pathetic secondary. I was thinking the other day of reasons our team will beat you. I came up with three quick ones:

1. Ashley Ambrose
2. Fred Thomas
3. Jay Bellamy

That’s two ex-Seahawks that couldn’t even make our team when we sucked. Nice picks, fellas! Then, to my amazement, I went down your Linebacking corps. I know we have Orlando Huff at MLB for us, but apparently you have his crappy evil twin Orlando Ruff attempting to shut down Shaun Alexander. I remember when his BUTT was ran out of town in San Diego a few years ago. Man, that’s sad. I liked James Allen when he came out of school, but I’ve come to the conclusion that if he hasn’t been able to start for your team the past two years, he wont anywhere. Derrick Rodgers is decent, but I doubt he’ll be a difference-maker for you guys.

I’m not at all worried about Jonathan Sullivan considering he was disappointing last year. I bet you guys would rather have taken Trufant at that 6th pick, huh?

I have to confess that I like your boy Brooks and Deuce is by far one of the best RB’s in the league. My only worry is that our defense can’t stop Deuce, because we all know what our DB’s will do to your WR’s and Brooks. I hope Donte Stallworth is wearing one of those helmets that have the extra layer of protection on the outside because Hamlin’s gonna light his BUTT up again. That’s assuming Stallworth doesn’t pull another hammy and ruin his “potential�.

From our offense, expect Walter Jones and Steve Hutchinson, also known as the best left side in the league, to blow Grant, Howard and Smith off the ball all day. TE Jerramy Stevens is due for 5 catches 60 yards and 1 TD and Jackson, Robinson and Engram will perform their weekly magic.

My prediction for the game:

‘Hawks- 30
Saints- 17

MODS NOTE: we dont mind you being here, we just dont need all the language... oh and did ya boy walter jones ever show up to camp yet? i sure havent heard anything... but maybe cuz no one really cares if he shows up or not....steve hutchinson the best LG in the league? please dude, ur dreaming. another thing, jeremy stevens is due for drug rehab and i also remember donte having oh 100+ rec. yards last year as well as a TD. oh and orlando ruff isnt our starting MLB so u can give up on that one...

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Sarsippius 09-08-2004 09:48 PM

Greetings from a Hawks fan
Welcome from the Big Easy!

I will be the first to bite as most of our regulars have been run off by a couple of pre-schoolers that recently joined our forums and have yet to be dealt with by the moderators. I would also like to wish your team good luck...but only to a point.

As a fantasy football player, I have become a fan of your offense. Hasslebeck is going to be around for a long time putting up great numbers, Alexander is a nice double-threat tailback(albeit we both know which of our runningbacks you would rather have) and your recievers are young and talented, though Robinson has yet to live up to the hype (much like our Donte). Hasslebeck will save your butts with his ability to deal with the pressure, but we are bringing it for 60 minutes, and your boy Walter Jones has his hands full with Howard and wunderkind Will Smith, especially since he missed the entire training camp. Grant will be coming against Terry on the other side. They will need Alexander\'s help all day, taking him out of the passing game. Hasslebeck is going to very sore on Monday morning.

Your secondary is one of the tops in the league in my book, but with the no chuck rule, expect your heart to get broken more than a few times trying to cover our speed when that yellow hanky of doom comes flying onto the field. Gone are the days of the shut-down fast as they mythically arrived. This is the year of the reciever. I certainly wish we took Trufant instead of Sully, but even he cant stop Horn the whole game, and that leaves Lucas or Taylor on Stallworth?? Also, before you bash Fred Thomas, remember that the Eagles let Taylor and his 4y/11.3m contract go offered Thomas 4y/14m to replace him before we matched the offer. As good as your secondary is, you must know we are still going to get our catches...and our penalties, but the big concern should be your linebackers and DL.

Sometimes it takes an outsider\'s observations to wipe the haze off your eyes caused by hometown hype, and I will give you mine. Winstrom was a nice pick-up, but after Okeafor runs out of gas at halftime, and the game is not a blowout like last year, any resemblance to a pash rush will disappear. After that, I dont care if you velcro your CBs to our recievers....give Brooks enough time and he will pick you apart long enough to take the lead for good on a Boo Williams score and open the already pourous middle for Deuce to control the clock.

Man...just saying his name must make you tremble inside. Up the gut all day long, and without Brown at your disposal, your evil twin \"Huff\" version of Orlando will be picking the grass out of his facemask all day. I predict 150+yds and 2 scores, one for 30+ off right tackle in the first half. By the way, our version of Orlando is now backup to rookie Courtney Watson this year. I would stop and introduce you but you will be hearing his name a lot on Sunday as he will lead the team in tackles. I also fully expect your version of Orlando to give way to \"Koots\" by midseason.

Our secondary will give up the middle of the field most of the day, but will make a key turnover somewhere in the third in the red zone to turn the game, and the home crowd (of which i will be the loudest next to whistle-head) won\'t let you get back in it. I need only to point to your 8-0 home record vs. 2-7 on the road last year (including playoffs) to know what the difference will be.

Final Score - Saints 31, Seahags 27.

Seattle will regroup after the tough loss in New Orleans and go on to easily win the west with another 10 win season, with only St. Louis making it to .500 at 8-8. You will win your first playoff game since 1984 hosting the wild-card Packers, and will have your chance at revenge the following week here in New Orleans.... on the road again. But hey...there is always next year ;)

Of course this is just my opinion...

Should be a great game and thanks for stopping by :D


ScottyRo 09-08-2004 09:55 PM

Greetings from a Hawks fan

except for the score.

Hawks 28
Saints 27

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vulture 09-08-2004 10:11 PM

Greetings from a Hawks fan
Did this guy see his team play on the road last year? With any luck Hassellback will make some statement that the team can\'t lose which will guarantee a win for the Saints.

rlrigmaiden 09-08-2004 10:13 PM

Greetings from a Hawks fan

Good post. However, I disagree with Walter Jones having his hands full with Howard, Grant or Smith (who I loved coming out of OSU). Somehow Jones always seems to skip camp and be back to his Pro Bowl-self by week one. I like your DE\'s, but I simply think Jones can handle them.

As for Alexander lending a hand in the passing game (blocking), maybe you haven\'t seen Alexander\'s blocking, but it\'s suspect at best. We rarely ask him to pass-block because he\'s terrible. That job will go to Mack Strong, probably the best FB no one pays attention to, thus leaving Alexander or Maurice Morris to punk your LB\'s.

You\'re exactly right when you said we\'d rather have Deuce than Alexander. I don\'t know if you southerners know it, but Alexander isn\'t as well-liked as some people might think. Deuce is everything Alexander isn\'t- fast, a tough runner and great out of the backfield in the passing game.

However, if you think he\'s gonna just run up the gut all day long, think again. Our defensive line\'s a whole lot better this year and it wont happen very easily. He\'s a great runner and I\'m sure he\'ll get his 100 yards, but it wont be on 9 carries. Go take a look at last year\'s playoff game vs. Ahman Green and check out what we did to him.

Tell Courtney Watson we\'re looking forward to seeing him. All Pro G Steve Hutchinson will enjoy putting him on his back all day. Another Notre Dame bust!

As for your predictions about turnovers, yards and scores, I can\'t really comment on that. I guess we\'ll have to wait until game time.

Thanks for the banter. I\'ll see you cats later.

WhoDat 09-08-2004 10:24 PM

Greetings from a Hawks fan

That post did not just happen.

I\'ve just officially changed my prediction.
Saints 31
Seahawks 13

You don\'t come in here and talk like that.

By the way - Brooks throws for 312 yards and two TDs, both 50+ yards to DONTE STALLWORTH - one of which ends the season for Trufant when he tears a hamstring trying to catch Donte.

OH MY GOD - HOW FAR AWAY IS SUNDAY?!?!?! :mad: :mad: :mad:

WhoDat 09-08-2004 10:25 PM

Greetings from a Hawks fan
Where\'s BnB??


Saintsin04 09-08-2004 10:51 PM

Greetings from a Hawks fan


That post did not just happen.

I\'ve just officially changed my prediction.
Saints 31
Seahawks 13

You don\'t come in here and talk like that.

By the way - Brooks throws for 312 yards and two TDs, both 50+ yards to DONTE STALLWORTH - one of which ends the season for Trufant when he tears a hamstring trying to catch Donte.

OH MY GOD - HOW FAR AWAY IS SUNDAY?!?!?! :mad: :mad: :mad:
im wit ya that is unacceptable........

saints 45-seagirls-7.............punk!!!!!!!!!!!

CheramieIII 09-08-2004 11:55 PM

Greetings from a Hawks fan
Don\'t you just love it when some fans of another team come to our board and can\'t even get there facts straight:

Saint\'s 27
Seahawk\'s 19 that would be 4 field goals and 1 touchdown.

Saint\'s will do very good in the red zone, if nowhere else on the field and remember the game is in our HOUSE this year.

rlrigmaiden 09-09-2004 02:14 AM

Greetings from a Hawks fan

Don\'t get too upset about someone \"coming to your board\". It\'s just good banter and fun for everyone. I\'m glad you\'re passionate about your team. Believe it or not, I\'ve always loved the Saints (of course behind Seattle). I remember the days of Mills, Johnson, Swilling and Jackson- one of the best LB units of all time.

However, I\'m sticking to my guns on this one. I simply don\'t think your defense has enough to stop us this year.

WhoDat -

I hope Brooks does put up huge numbers. He\'s my fantasy QB this week, along with Hass. Here\'s hoping he throws for 300 and still loses by 20!

See ya, fellas.

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