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WhoDat 09-09-2004 02:18 PM

Conspiracy #1: Head Coach
Jeff Fisher anyone?

The Titans have seemingly defied the odds for years now. Somehow, Jeff Fisher always has this mix of a walking mass care ward and NFL scrubs inches from the Super Bowl. Here's a guy who either outcoaches or gets more out of his players than any other NFL coach... or both.

Still, this could be the year that the Titans finally fall to earth. Who knows - with Fisher, it seems that anything is possible, and they could be back in the playoffs. But if you look at this team, aside from McNair, there really isn't a single player that makes you raise your eyebrows.

What if they crash and burn this year (finally)? Would Fisher's success allow him to keep his job, or would a team that seems to desperately need to rebuild finally part ways and go in a new direction with their team? Is it possible?

Enter the New Orleans Saints. A team standing in almost complete contrast to the Titans. Inconsistent, underachievers, overly talented, mediocre (with no playoffs in the last 3 years). There is a distinct possibility that the Saints struggle again this year and Haslett gets run out of town faster than Devery can cover 40 yards.

Might we have a fit in '05? Can you imagine what Fisher would do with a team this talented? A true defensive mind with an ability to get the most out of his players and overcome injuries. The thought is as intoxicating as far-fetched... but maybe, just maybe...

Let the first conspiracy of the year begin... and it wasn't even 08 that created it! ;)

CheramieIII 09-09-2004 02:20 PM

Conspiracy #1: Head Coach
Conspiracies like this one are great, but you have to hope that Haz will turn it around this year so we don\'t have to wonder anymore.

D_it_up 09-09-2004 02:30 PM

Conspiracy #1: Head Coach
Although I think it\'s a bit early in the season to be talking coaching change, due to the fact some may get distracted from week 1 against the Seahawks, I\'m right there with you, WhoDat. I\'d love to see Fisher manning the controls for the Saints. Here\'s a guy who had a Haslett-esque start to his coaching career by being at or around .500 for 3 seasons or so. Then he finally got the most out of his talent, defense especially, and the Titans really started playing football. My outlook is a little different than yours as far as this season for the Titans, though. I think Chris Brown is going to make Tennesee forget about Eddie George. He\'s just as big, he\'s just as strong, and he\'s FASTER. He\'ll be a handful for the opposing defense. Tennesee never really had great receivers, so nothing has changed, but McNair finds some amazing way to get it done. Defensive production may drop with Kearse gone, but Fisher will find a way to make that defense click. I think Fisher will be in Tennessee after this season, but it doesn\'t hurt to dream.

Here\'s a little football humor for you as well:

If the Buccaneers are called the Bucs, and the Jaguars are called the Jags, what are the Titans called? :P

LordOfEntropy 09-09-2004 02:39 PM

Conspiracy #1: Head Coach

Oily ones, at that.

D_it_up 09-09-2004 02:41 PM

Conspiracy #1: Head Coach
LOL...that isn\'t where I was going for a punchline, but very creative. :P

BlackandBlue 09-09-2004 02:42 PM

Conspiracy #1: Head Coach
Watching Chris Brown in the preseason, raised an eyebrow for me. There aren\'t too many players in the NFL that can stiff-arm Roy Williams to the ground.

D_it_up 09-09-2004 02:45 PM

Conspiracy #1: Head Coach
I\'ll betcha Ryan Moats could do it, B-n-B. :P

BlackandBlue 09-09-2004 02:47 PM

Conspiracy #1: Head Coach
I love Moats, but no :(

D_it_up 09-09-2004 02:51 PM

Conspiracy #1: Head Coach
Ya know I had to mess with ya. Especially since I think he\'s the best thing in Louisiana Tech since Willie Roaf or the sororities bid nights. :P

BlackandBlue 09-09-2004 03:03 PM

Conspiracy #1: Head Coach
No, no NO!!!!!

Nothing is better than sorority bid night. You\'ve got to love naive, freshman women, who are completely out of their element. ;)

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