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whowatches 09-10-2004 12:28 PM

Whatta start!
Two excellent games last night.

I wasn't planning to watch the Troy/Mizzou game, but after I flipped over to check it out while the NFL pre-game was on, I couldn't change the channel. Thank 'da Lawd fo' Tivo. I just recorded the Colts/Pats and watched it afterward.

Thoughts on the Colts/Pats.

I absolutely love to watch Brady play. Efficient, intelligent, gutsy

Peyton is a very talented qb, but maybe he is a choke artist. Did he think those boys had on Florida Gator jerseys last night?

I didn't really see an impact from the new pass-coverage rule. Was I not paying close enough attention or was that a glass of Scotch in my eye? :o

Edge is back. Remember the boos Indy got when they chose him over Ricky?

Beyonce really does want to marry me. No, really, I saw it in her eyes. She was so flirting with me last night. Seriously. Ok, maybe she just wants meaningless sex.

Why did NE have to go and get a friggin' running game? Does anyone else think they have a shot at 15-1 or 16-donought?

Alright, I'm done here.


BlackandBlue 09-10-2004 01:10 PM

Whatta start!
Edge might be back, but did his hands get smaller or something?

canucksaint 09-10-2004 01:12 PM

Whatta start!
There was only 1 or 2 calls on the new/old pass coverage rule. But nothing that was major.
NE does have a great O, especially with a running game now. But damn they got to solidify their run stop. They are really missing Washington on the inside. Indy was running up the gut all night.
I also wouldn\'t predict them to be unstoppable. I don\'t wish injuries on anyone, but they have no depth at QB (hopefully they won\'t need to worry about that), or maybe the\'ll pick up Flutie as insurance.

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whowatches 09-10-2004 01:22 PM

Whatta start!

Edge might be back, but did his hands get smaller or something?
Yeah, I noticed the drops. I was surprised they rode him so hard. Dungy should watch those thirty-carry games. Brother\'s got gimpy knees for God\'s sake.


but they have no depth at QB
Wait a sec. Why did I have to listen to and read reports all preseason about Davey being ready to step up? I didn\'t watch NE in the preseason, but didn\'t Rohan (were his parents Tolkien fans?) have a good August?

canucksaint 09-10-2004 02:23 PM

Whatta start!
Will go to the playoffs if ... Tom Brady stays out of the emergency room.

Won\'t go to the playoffs if ... it becomes the Rohan Davey era.

I think he had an ok pre-season, but seriously, the guy has only thrown 4 passes. He is listed as their #2 QB right now, but that\'s just because Jim Miller (10 year vet, who has very little left in the tank, IMO) is still out injured for the next couple of weeks.
There was a lot of talk that if the Chargers got rid of one of their 4 QB\'s, it would be Flutie, and NE would jump on him, like a fat kid on a smartie...

Euphoria 09-11-2004 12:29 AM

Whatta start!
Nothing but great football 3 games I have seen have all been great... LSU, Colts-pats, FSU-Miami

CheramieIII 09-11-2004 10:35 AM

Whatta start!
I agree Miami and FSU was a good one.

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