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WhoDat!656 03-25-2013 03:16 PM

Is Bryant McKinnie a good idea for New Orleans Saints?
Bryant McKinnie is no spring chicken. The 33-year-old isnít quite the left tackle he used to be, but might have enough left in the tank if his next team can find a way to motivate him.

Could that team be the New Orleans Saints? MaybeÖ

Thereís no denying that the Saints need a new left tackle heading into 2013. They lost overrated blindside blocker Jermon Bushrod to the Chicago Bears via free agency and are left with oft-injured Charles Brown as the next in line at the position. That canít be a comforting feeling.

According to several sources, the Saints have shown some interest in the former Baltimore Ravens and Minnesota Vikings left tackle. At this point, though, itís nothing more than weighing options.

While McKinnie failed to start any regular season games in 2012, he did take over as the starter on the blindside during the playoffs as quarterback Joe Flacco and the Ravens rode a wave of momentum to the franchiseís second Super Bowl victory. McKinnieís blocking was a key component to Flaccoís skyrocket up the rankings and eventual big-money extension, but the four-game stretch has fluke written all over it.

Good chances are that his days of being an effective starter are in the rearview mirror. Even with Brown as the other option, the Saints might be better off taking the risk with the former second-rounder than leaving the aging veteran to protect Drew Brees, the franchiseís most valuable asset.

I donít doubt that Sean Payton and Co. could get the most out of McKinnie, who was once considered a franchise left tackle. Iím just having trouble seeing him holding down the blindside at his age and level of talent deterioration.

Bringing him in as a contingency plan for Brown could be a good option, but rolling the dice with McKinnie protecting Brees from the get-go seems ill-advised. Then again, itís not my decision to make.

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Rugby Saint II 03-25-2013 07:37 PM

Re: Is Bryant McKinnie a good idea for New Orleans Saints?
I don't think he can get down field for pass blocking at the second least that's what I understand. We do need depth though.

Leighton B 03-26-2013 02:43 AM

Re: Is Bryant McKinnie a good idea for New Orleans Saints?
so no point and there's Eric Winston who sounds like a more athletic type we need for the screen game!

Joker 03-26-2013 05:13 AM

Re: Is Bryant McKinnie a good idea for New Orleans Saints?
McKinnie probably could still play the position but how far can he go into the season. Sign him if he's cheap, he not only brings experience where he may add value is if Charles Brown goes down like he always does could come in and take over until Brown can get healthy,and also mentor Brown at the LT position. I say Charles Brown because IMO he's probably the best of the tackles left on the roster and its time for him to show up and earn his money and his roster spot.

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