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daviddrake2 12-18-2002 05:31 PM

Scouting Report on Bengals
Gator, I think we should be able to use the passing game to blow out the Bengals. They have a very poor pass defense and they turn the ball over a lot on interceptions. Our receivers just need to catch Brooks\' passes and our defenders just need to actually make the ints that will almost certainly be served up to them.

subguy 12-18-2002 05:34 PM

Scouting Report on Bengals
I think we can out score them,but Chad Johnson is a factor.

daviddrake2 12-18-2002 05:53 PM

Scouting Report on Bengals
I know I posted this earlier on another thread, but it is relavent here...

Here are my keys to winning the Bengals game...

On Offense:

1) Spread out the passing game, quick 5-yard strikes, 5-15 yard routes across the middle and long throws down the sidelines and use a variety of receivers -- Bengals have a very porous pass defense.

2) Don\'t be afraid to throw on 1st down.

3) Give Brooks time to make passes -- this means solid blocking and picking up blitzers.

4) Use Deuce more sparingly than usual, mainly to open up the passing game (let him rest up and get stronger for the playoffs).

5) Take advantage of Red Zone opportunities -- TDs!!!!!

6) If and hopefully when we build a comfortable margin, put Jake in to give him more valuable game experience (just in case we need him to step in in the playoffs) and to give Aaron a rest.

7) As usual, win the turnover battle.

And on Defense:

1) Control Duggins, Warwick, Dillon and Johnson and keep their reception counts low

2) Limit big passing plays.

3) Pressure Kitna, make him make mistakes -- he will .

4) Make sure we block Smith and Williams (this will give Brooks time to throw).

5) Watch Schobel on the short route.

6) Don\'t let Dillon or Warwick break the Big run.

7) Watch Bennett on kick off returns.


David in Houston

jm 12-19-2002 08:06 AM

Scouting Report on Bengals
Gatorman, you are starting to sound like me. Its now a 2 game season and yes I know our D hasn\'t performed this year but I beleive the team will come through with a strong victory this week and get tuned up for the playoffs. All the bad things that could happen have happened but they are behind us and things are about to turn around.
My biggest concern this week is the weather but right now it looks like cloudy with 2o% parcip. and 37 degrees, it shouldn\'t be much of a factor. Good football weather.
Also the Saints are 5-0 playing outside this year.
Geaux Saints

saintz08 12-19-2002 09:33 AM

Scouting Report on Bengals
Some unnerveing thoughts :

Saints in the Haslett era , are a better team on the road .

Corey Dillon is a strong runningback that has that deceptive quickness , the ones the Saints have been giving all the yards up to .

Kitna has beaten the Saints .

Bengals have never lost all their home games in one season .

Simple Saint math - Saints Win . It is a road game ........

[Edited on 19/12/2002 by saintz08]

WhoDat 12-19-2002 12:08 PM

Scouting Report on Bengals
You guys are starting to scare me. The Saints SHOULD win this one, but let\'s not start calling it a Saints win just yet. JM - all of the bad things that could have happened have already? SCARY! What about fropping these next two, while the Giants win and watching the playoffs from home. I mean, it did happen last year.

Yes, yes, the Saints are a better team and this should be a fairly easy one... but you would also have thought that about Detroit and Minnesota. I said that there was no way we were getting swept by the Falcons. As they say, don\'t start counting your eggs...

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