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Danno 09-12-2004 03:44 PM

So many problems...
1. Boo? I think he's still a project. Looked like a converted TE. Pro-bowl? Yeah right, unless its coaching and playcalling.

2. FB? When Karney was in he excelled. Why wasn't he in more? T-rex has nothing on this kid. Wake up McCarthy!

3. Deuce? Indecisive, missed the open holes on the rare occasion they were there. His vision looks quite blurred to me. He constantly veered left when right was the gap. Pathetic. He's better than this. Quit the Barry Sanders foot shuffle and explode thru the freaking hole puss! The best RB on the field was wearing blue and silver, unless ou problem is coaching and playcalling.

4. WR's? Boy that blazing speed 6 deep really paid off huh? They could be more over-rated than our O-line, unless its coaching and playcalling.

5. Brooks? How about chewing some freakin asss for the drops huh? 6 WR's with sub 4.4 speed and we went deep about 3 times? Three friggin times? I'm not sure coaching's to blame for this but I don't know.

Our defense played well enough to win this game. No they weren't great but right now they look like they might be the strength of this team. If our O showed up we win this game. Dammm, this sounds a lot like 2003 doesn't it?

Anybody else angry at Charles Grant dancing and struttin like we were 3 TD's up? Then he blows his contain and allows a 30 yard Alexander gain?

JKool 09-12-2004 06:41 PM

So many problems...


I think our D lost focus to stop the run because we were getting smoked all day with the short pass. WHY? I think our CBs give alot of space to prevent the big play. Guys up front like Grant got away from their role.
I couldn\'t agree more. That was the point a few of us were harping during the offseason. No, we don\'t need a \"shut down corner\" (because tehre is NO SUCH THING), but we sure as hell do need a guy who is tall and still has some speed! Let\'s get a corner now. Trade Howard for a good one, damn it. Trade him before he plays and other teams figure will give us good bank on his reputation.

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