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rlrigmaiden 09-12-2004 03:56 PM

I'm a man of my word
I'm here, as I said I would.

Some notes for the game...

1. Chike O'Keafor, who some of you guys doubted, had a terrifice game. He absolutely pancaked Victor Riley on his way to a Aaron Brooks sack and was constantly applying pressure all day long.

2. Deuce doesn't look to good in a single-back set. Our defense, which most of you discounted to begin with, absolutely owned him all day long. By the way, our #1 pick didn't even play, not to mention Chad Brown.

3. Donte Stallworth should focus more on catching the ball and getting open than talking smack to FS Ken Hamlin, who he was seen jabbering with all day long. Trufant, as it is, was an absolute beast. Speaking of, your boy, Deuce, seemed to be really frustrated that Trufant blew up his screens. Nice try, Deuce. Deuce, who we all think is a top-5 back, looked absolutely terrible all day long. He was even pouting on the sideline.

4. Apparently, LT Walter Jones and DE Grant Wistrom don't even need to practice. Both of them were constant studs all day long. Wistrom was even a beast in coverage.

5. I will give you props on your special teams, they out-played us in almost every facet of the game.

6. Our defense absolutely destroyed you in almost every aspect of the game. I can't wait until Chad Brown and Marcus Tubbs get into the game.

Thanks for all the topics of conversation, gentleman. I always respect intelligent opinions across the NFL. Good luck to you the rest of the year.

Danno 09-12-2004 04:03 PM

I'm a man of my word
Props. Being a Bama fan if I take a whoopin, I\'m glad its from a Bama man. I hope he\'s OK.

But I must say,
If we had a better QB, a better RB, better WR\'s, a better O-line, a better head coach, a better D-coordinator, a better O-cooordinator, better LB\'s, we\'d have whooped your asss. ;)

It appears to me the West is your\'s to lose. Don\'t disappoint me please.

Sarsippius 09-12-2004 05:54 PM

I'm a man of my word
Winstrom and Jones did great and gave Hasslebeck all day to pass...we really missed Darren Howard and his last day scratch from the lineup. Hopefully our rookie wonderboy learned a few things from a great performer. From my perspective though, your Defense is on the plane home right now thinking they are pro-bowlers, but are going to come crashing down to reality when they face an offense that doesnt self destruct on every level. Our gameplan was awful, our playcalling was pathetic and conservative, and our O-line was deplorable. REcievers dropped passes in the open and ran routes like Pop-warner rejects. Other than that you did do well containing Deuce, who is just as pissed about taking away his fullback in favor of another TE to \"open\" up the offense ..... but today it was definately closed.

Grats on the win and good luck in the season...we will meet again in December hopefully. Even with all your trash was enjoyable talking football and come on back anytime. Seatle fans beat the **** out of Atlanta fans anyday. Hope alexander\'s knee is ok.


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