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barano 09-12-2004 10:10 PM

An optimist turned pessimist
Hey guys, while this is my first post here I've been lurking around these forums off and on for a while reading posts and finally got around to signing up.

Anyway I have to say that I, traditionaly, have always been an optimist when it comes to the Saints. Whenever there was a possibility that a given year was 'the year' I tended to buy into the idea. My foolishness just comes from the fact that I love the Saints, and always will no matter how much they piss me off. Today's game though I believe has changed my attitude slightly. While I still love the team and will watch them and stand by them through thick and thin, I'm going to do what I should have done a long time ago... go into every game expecting them to suck, so that on the rare occasion when they dont, it will be even better.

I'm sure im not alone here, the Saints have no one to blame but themselves for fans as crazy and committed as I was turning pessimistic on them. :(

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CheramieIII 09-13-2004 10:24 AM

An optimist turned pessimist
amen brother

Halo 09-13-2004 12:01 PM

An optimist turned pessimist
Thanks for finally posting and I agree with your feelings. But I think most fans are angry because we are seeing the same things year after year and the coaching staff is still year about 2 years after they should have been let go. What will happen is projected season ticket sales will drop for next season and the almighty dollar will prompt a change from the top.

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