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dberce1 09-13-2004 08:19 AM

How NOT to act at the game:
I was fortunate enough to come along 4 great plaza level tickets right on the 40 yd line, for free. So excited, I brought my dad and a couple of friends. The bathrooms right behind us, the liquor stand in plain sight, seems perfect right?? Wrong, just before game time, 4 frickin idiots plop down right behind us, already ranting about how the Saints suck, Brooks sucks, Haz sucks, ect. AND THESE MORONS ALL HAD SAINTS/BROOKS JERSEYS ON!!! Ten minutes into the game, the f-bombs start to drop. Mind you, there are about 20 kids within ear shot of these idiots, all wide eyed about coming to the game until they hear the filth and negativity coming out of these guys mouths. This is absolutely unacceptable. There is no reason to even come into the Dome w/ this behavior. I understand the frustration, but most people are optimistic and go to pull for their team, and don't want to hear this bullsh!t in the first place. It was like gatorman himself was sitting right behind us.

PS- If this happened to be someone on this site, section 140 aisle 34 i think, you should rot in a third world prison somewhere.

Danno 09-13-2004 08:31 AM

How NOT to act at the game:
Its one of a few reasons I haven\'t taken my 7 year old son to a game yet. I hear antecdotal stories like this far too often for it to simply be isolated cases. I don\'t think its a Saints problem, or even an NFL problem. I think its a societal problem. No respect for your yourself or others around you.
My friends 11 year old son was ragged repeatedly by fans at the LSU-Oklahoma game for wearing an Ohio State jersey (his dad\'s alma-mater). His father is as mild mannered as anyone I know and for him to even contemplate violence was surprising. Drunk jerks like these are ruining the NFL gameday experience for many people. If it gets much worse I can see them eliminating alcohol from sporting events. Then I\'ll be really mad!

Euphoria 09-13-2004 09:15 AM

How NOT to act at the game:
LMAO, you are disappointed in the fans at a Saints game. where have you been for the past 38 years. Booing its own players, and cheering when they get injured fans being chastized by Jim Mora on public TV.

What I have learned you can\'t control what goes into your childs ears, all you can do is do you best to teach them appropriate behavior. You can\'t help someone having bad parents but you can help by being a good parent.

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