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papz 04-26-2013 11:55 PM

Sean Payton Discusses Chris Ivory Trade, Third Round Selections
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Opening Statement:

“We were busy in that last round. We were able to trade Chris Ivory to the Jets. I know Mickey (Loomis) probably for the better part of the last couple weeks has been working that with the people in New York. It came to fruition after our first pick in the third round. We took Terron Armstead, a tackle out of Arkansas Pine-Bluff. We had a club of players there, including another we had discussed with that same pick, the defensive tackles (John Jenkins) from Georgia. After we had made the first selection, we were back on the phone with the Jets. That had taken place a few times prior to the draft, conversations about compensation, if we would be able to work a trade out. We were able to do that after the first third round pick, number 75, then we were able to take basically our fourth and the fourth we acquired for Chris and move back into the third round and take John Jenkins. A lot of that happened pretty quickly in about five minutes. I had an opportunity to speak with Chris, shortly after. Actually, he was in here three days ago to sign his tender contract and had begun working out with our team. We feel like he’s someone that is a very good running back. We were going to be pretty diligent in regards to what we would be willing to make a trade with. He’s someone I value. I think the four is something both sides felt pretty fair about. It’s a great opportunity for him, I know he’s excited about it. I’m excited for him. In the meantime, we were able to acquire two players in that round, an offensive tackles (Armstead) that is real athletic, a guy that really played well to his level of competition, someone we had done real research on at the East West game and then with John Jenkins, with the amount of players Georgia had this year, a number of players were in here for workouts. So, that really kind of summed up the last hour for us, the first pick being the offensive tackle and then the trade that happened after that pick and then probably there was less than a minute on the clock when that trade got finalized with Miami. I know that Miami was prepared if they had to make a pick, because there area a lot of moving parts there. There’s team calling into the league to get the Ivory trade done and very quickly once that’s finished, Miami and the Saints orchestrating the trade back into the third round”

Did you have the fourth round pick offer in hand and decide you wanted to cash it in when Jenkins was available?

“Going back a few weeks, I know Mickey had spoken to them (Jets) a number of times. I think both teams were going to wait as we got to possibly tomorrow. Had there for us not been a player we didn’t want to move back into the third round for, this trade could have taken place tomorrow. I think it was expedited a little bit with our need or want to get back into the third round.”

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Crusader 04-27-2013 04:47 AM

Re: Sean Payton Discusses Chris Ivory Trade, Third Round Selections
Great read. Sounds like SP really is on top of things. I like what he told Ivory.

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