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thebdj 04-27-2013 04:07 AM

Draft HalfWay Point
So there seems to be a lot of different opinion on who we got and how we drafted and who's left. Personally I think we have done superbly so far and I think there is plenty left on the board. Thoughts.

1) Kenny Vaccaro is a great pick. We got a chance at the best Safety on the board and we took it. In reality #15 is high for him but we clearly didn't get trade offers or the right trade offers and so we had to select him there. Note that 49ers came flying up the board to take Reid, would they have taken Vaccaro if he was still available? I think yes. Very happy here.

2) I have been keeping my eye on Armstead for a while during the combine but trying desperately not to get caught up in 'The Measurables'. After what felt like an entire army of O-Line going on the first night, I didn't think we would get a shot at him down in the 3rd. We did and we got him. Another O-Lineman from a less reputable college. And you know how we turn those guys into Pro-Bowlers! (Although how much was Kromer a miracle man behind that.....)

3) Holding out for a 4th Rounder for Ivory was superb and the timing of the trade was spot on. We clearly liked the boy Jenkins who gives us an immediate big man option for NT and provides great competition in camp so I like the trade. Clearly there was some thought went into that as the two 4th rounders would have given us legitimate shots at ....

4) People like Barrett Jones and Jordan Poyer will surely be gone in the 4th. Good options but I would be shocked if they fall through another round. So....

5) Who have we got left to hit into or what positions? We only have 2 picks left and we do not want to waste them. I would consider another move down the board if necessary. There is such depth through what is left that trading out of the 5th round for 2 or 3 picks further down into the 6th and 7th does not concern me. I am still looking at another CB, DE and OLB. I think I would leave WR to UFA. But my controversial cry is ....

6) Take another Safety. If you think there is a potential difference maker on the board, do not rule them out. Hell if even for the shirt sales, it has to be worth taking Rambo!!! :)

And finally .....

7) Assuming certain players drop into FA, who would you like a look at? I am still big on Lawrence Okoye (I am from London though and he was in my office just before the Olympics!) and I really want Denard Robinson (yes, yes, come and shoot me down). Any others you think may slip that you want a look at?

And I'm done.

PS - Gleason announcing 3rd Round Pick and chucking a cheeky 'Who Dat?' on the end made my year!

homerj07 04-27-2013 06:24 PM

Re: Draft HalfWay Point
I am amazingly ambivalent about the draft. It could be a great one with no problems but it could just as easily go down as one of our worst in the past several years. We really can not take another 1st round bust

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