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TheOak 05-02-2013 05:31 PM

Kenny Vaccaro interview (Post Draft)
Texas S Kenny Vaccaro spent time with after being drafted in the first round by the New Orleans Saints
April 27, 2013

Has it sunk in yet that you were drafted by the New Orlean Saints with the 15th overall pick?
Not really. I woke up yesterday morning [and] was like, "Oh yea. It's about to start." But not really. It's kind of surreal. I couldn't imagine being in the position I am in, four years ago. Coming in as a freshman with a torn ACL, playing special teams, looking up to guys like [former Longhorn/current Seattle Seahawks safety] Earl Thomas. It's crazy to have come this far.

What was it like being invited to New York City for the NFL Draft?
It's exciting. You've got to think, only 32 players in the world go first round every year. I think [assistant head coach/defensive backs coach] Coach [Duane] Akina said, "It's a great honor for you to even be here." I am truly blessed. I truly thank God for giving me the drive and push to be here.

What was it like hearing your name called at the draft and walking across the stage?
It was crazy. I didn't even tear up because I was in shock. My mom was crying. My whole family was crying. I don't even remember walking. All I remember is the handshake and that's it.

What did you think about New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton saying he watched every single snap you played this year?
I learned that [you can never take a snap off] early on. I used to watch how Earl [Thomas] used to practice and play in the games. I knew you need start your career from an early age. I think a lot of guys like to wait, "Oh I'll start by my junior year." I was never like that. I always played hard every snap. And I knew, and Coach Akina always said, "What you put on that tape everybody is going to see."

What are your expectations about the future of the Saints?
We're going to get back quickly. There are a lot of people saying, "Hey, you're going to win early." We've got a franchise quarterback, and we've got a great group of guys around me. I can't wait to get down there.

What does it feel like being another part of Coach Akina's famed "DBU" contingent?
He's done a great job. He's produced so many first-rounders and Thorpe Award winners. I'm just glad to be in that, what I call, a fraternity of "DBU." And all those guys reached out to me. [Former Longhorn/current Tennessee Titans safety Michael Griffin] "Mike G" said he knew I'd play on Sundays when he saw me on kickoffs my freshman year. It's an honor to be with that group of guys. I'm truly blessed.

What do you think the expectations will be for you?
I understand that if you're going to draft safety that high, you want a guy that's going to come in and make plays. I know that I need to be ready and ready to play quickly. That's how I'm going to take it. I'm not worried about anything else, I just want to come in and dominate early on.

What will it feel like facing the Atlanta Falcons and guys like TE Tony Gonzalez and QB Matt Ryan?
It's going to be fun. Those guys are all great players. The Falcons are a great team. I can't wait to get out there and be on the same field as those guys.

How are you going to approach the financial responsibility involved with signing a first-round contract?
I'm going to build my mom a nice little house somewhere in Texas. I don't think she wants to stay in Brownwood anymore. That's about it. I'm going to save my money. I'm going to invest a lot in my family, just sit on it, and in about ten years or whenever, I can go travel or something.

What are your short-term expectations?
First of all, I'm going to come in and practice hard. I want to earn the respect of my locker room. That's first and foremost - earn the respect of the team. Get those guys off me, because they're kind of hard on rookies. I want to just contribute. I started playing special teams when I first got to Texas, and I expect to do the same thing at the Saints.

What do you think about the New Orleans Saints' fans?
The fans, from what I get on Twitter right now and all the followers I got, they seem very supportive. Saints "Who Dat?" Nation, I'm getting used to it. It's crazy. It seems like a good city to play in.

Did you have any feeling that you would end up in New Orleans?
The Saints were my last visit. I walked out with a good feeling. I called my agent and I was like, "Hey man. I could really end up being a Saint." My agent told me he thought I'd end up going 14-20, somewhere in that range. I had a feeling after that 14th pick that I was about to get picked.

What did you think of WR Marquise Goodwin being drafted in the third round by the Buffalo Bills?
I'm so happy. I'm so proud of Marquise because of all the doubters out there who said he was just a track guy and could never make it in football. It's just unbelievable how far he has come since being in London for the Olympics to playing for the Buffalo Bills. And he got drafted third round, that's great for him.

What is it going to feel like being in the same league with some players you grew up admiring?
It's going to be crazy. I was at the ESPN party and I saw Adrian Peterson. I used to go crazy watching him just run people over. I'm about to be on the same field maybe one day with this guy. It's just crazy. It's kind of surreal seeing all these different players.

TheOak 05-02-2013 05:32 PM

Re: Kenny Vaccaro interview (Post Draft)
I like this guy... An awful lot after reading that.... Never taking a play off is huge...

I'll ignore the props he gave Atl... He will learn.

|Mitch| 05-02-2013 05:36 PM

Re: Kenny Vaccaro interview (Post Draft)

Originally Posted by TheOak (Post 500575)
I'll ignore the props he gave Atl... He will learn.

At least you know he's not over-looking them...

homerj07 05-02-2013 05:37 PM

Re: Kenny Vaccaro interview (Post Draft)
He sounds good.

We will have to learn him about the Fal-clowns, calling them a great team.

TheOak 05-02-2013 05:53 PM

Re: Kenny Vaccaro interview (Post Draft)
Seems he watches his twitter. I may sneak him a B&G URL :-)

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