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WhoDat 12-19-2002 02:15 PM

Power Rankings has released new power rankings for week 16. Now, I'm not one that usually gets worked up about these things b/c the "experts" are almost never right with these types of ranking systems. In this case, I think the rankings look pretty good. The top 15 look like this:

1. Eagles 11-3
2. Bucs 11-3
3. Packers 11-3
4. Dolphins 9-5
5. Raiders 9-5
6. Titans 9-5
7. Colts 9-5
8. 49ers 9-5
9. Patriots 8-6
10. Saints 9-5
11. Falcons 8-5-1
12. Steelers 8-5-1
13. Broncos 8-6
14. Chargers 8-6
15. Jets 7-7
16. Giants 8-6

Again, I don't put a lot of stock in this stuff, but I'm a little confused. The Saints have shown that they can LOSE to anyone this year with losses to Detroit and Minnesota. They have been sporadic of late, the defense sucks and our playmakers are banged up.


OK, the 9ers are leading their division, but the teams in their division suck. We definitely have to be ahead of them in terms of strength of schedule, and, wait a minute, that's right, WE BEAT THEM. If we have the same record, why aren't we ahead of them?

As for the Patriots, well, I just think that's ridiculous. I think both the Saints and Falcons would roll over the Patties right now. The Patriots have been just as sporadic as the Saints all season and the Saints are a game better.

Where do these guys come up with this stuff?

daviddrake2 12-19-2002 04:18 PM

Power Rankings
Yeah, power rankings are often a joke. All the pundits really seem to base them on is win-loss records and last game or two record. Thay are really a better indication of who may be hot at the moment than who is or has been the best team all season long.

All that matters to us now is that we win the next 4 or 5 games.

Go SAINTS!!!!!

David in Houston

WhoDat 12-19-2002 10:34 PM

Power Rankings
Well, the good news is that we\'ve beaten everyone we\'ve played on that list who is ranked ahead of us.

Have you seen the CBS Sportsline rankings?! We\'re 11th in that BEHIND Atlanta and Pittsburgh! Atlanta I can maybe understand b/c until Tampa and Seattle they had won a miilion in a row and they beat us twice. Pittsburgh!? Yet another team we already beat.

There\'s good news though. First, we know the Saints play better when they get no respect. They\'re the consumate underdog, who blows it whenever they\'re a \"sure\" thing. Second, and most importantly. They play up to teams that are good and bad to teams that are bad. Well, there aren\'t any bad teams in the playoffs. That means you should be able to expect good play from the Saints against teams they\'ve mostly already beaten.

sc-saint 12-21-2002 08:35 AM

Power Rankings
All i got to say Whodat is as long as Atlanta is below us i\'m happy. hehehe

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