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lynwood 09-19-2004 04:41 PM

Desparate vs. Nothing to Lose
We were desparate for a win and the 9ers had nothing to lose and the whole game was played that way. Next week will be a nightmare for us, unless we pressure Bulger. :weepy:

spkb25 09-19-2004 04:47 PM

Desparate vs. Nothing to Lose
dorsey looked like a great qb. were in trouble. they need to blitz more. but i aguess u cant if u cant stop the run

SaintsFan1967 09-19-2004 04:52 PM

Desparate vs. Nothing to Lose
Can\'t stop the run and can\'t stop the pass. And the O line can\'t run block. If you can\'t run the ball in this league, your in trouble. Can you stick a fork in the Saints cause there done. :exclam:

lynwood 09-19-2004 04:55 PM

Desparate vs. Nothing to Lose
I believe we can stop faulk, and when we get in bulgers face he pretty much pulls a dorsey. But if not we will get burned in the passing game. Our offense seems to have some of their timing back, and if the line holds we can put points on the board against the rams. O-line and and Pass rush are gonna be the game winners.

CheramieIII 09-19-2004 04:56 PM

Desparate vs. Nothing to Lose
We will win games when we have the ball last and that\'s the way it will be. No defense once again and one play doesnt make the defense. the tore us up all day long.

lynwood 09-19-2004 04:57 PM

Desparate vs. Nothing to Lose
our running game this year so far has been a non-factor, but we have to do a couple per series for the play action which seemed to be our bread and butter this game.

spkb25 09-19-2004 04:58 PM

Desparate vs. Nothing to Lose
i dont think our running game woes is the fault of the o line as much as it is no full back. if ur going to run that type of offense everything has to work off the pass n u have to run a lot of draws. its ahorrible idea n we wont stop doing it. i watched stecker have to make like 3 or 4 moves just to get to the line of scrimmage.

CheramieIII 09-19-2004 04:59 PM

Desparate vs. Nothing to Lose
I don\'t care about what people think of Deuce, he needs to be riding the bench too, play Stecker, he looks like he wants to play without fumbling.

SaintsFan1967 09-19-2004 05:01 PM

Desparate vs. Nothing to Lose
lynwood, we were playing a young inexperianced team today. Remember last week. Your going to see more of those kind of games as the season goes on. Sorry to sound so negatative. But I call \'em like I see \'em.

spkb25 09-19-2004 05:02 PM

Desparate vs. Nothing to Lose
well i see what ur saying about deuce for sure but i thought that the fumble came as he got hurt. not good but understandable. n what the heck was the d doing in the backfield so quickly on the play. nothing to do with the fumble. im not saying that. bad blocking doesnt make u fumble i know that. but i dont think if we keep up this two te set anybody will be able to do much back there. once again that has nothing to do with the fumbling. i thought that one may have had something to do with the injury but not sure

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