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WhoDat 09-19-2004 05:56 PM

Man, with a few exceptions, today's game was just flat bad. In any case, here's my remarks on the game - good, bad, and ugly.

The Good
Aaron Brooks deserves major props for this game b/c it was basically won on his arm. He looked like the Pro Bowl QB he should be every week today, and I was overall very happy with his play. Likewise, with a few exceptions, the WRs did their jobs and did them well. Very few drops and a couple of real nice catches. Finally, the most explosive part of our offense was just that.

I was also really glad to see this team step up rather than fold after a late score. Who knows right now whether that was this team finally showing some heart, or a bad 49er team folding? Let's hope it was the former, but either way it's just good to get that first win.

I will also give credit to Aaron Stecker. Although his stats were unimpressive, I thought there was only a slight drop off in play when Deuce left and Stecker came in. Most of the running game problems stem from the O-line, not the backs. I think Stecker is a great backup, capable of contributing a lot.

The Bad
Our O-line gave Brooks all kinds of time early, but they stunk in the second half. Further, when it comes to the run-game, they are flat overrated. There were very few holes or creases and the line of scrimmage was dominated by a bunch of scrubs signed "off the street" in the last two weeks. That's sad. No Fontenot hurts more than most imagined, and no Smith is proving to be as costly as many suspected.

Also in the "bad" category is this team's general character. Despite a late come from behind win today, I think this team still leaves a lot to be determined when it comes to attitude. SF should never have been allowed to hang around - at most we generally seem moderately interested and highly undisciplined.

The Ugly
First, our run defense is still just as bad as ever. I know, many of the yards on the ground came on one big play, but it doesn't matter. I don't care if we hold a RB to 40 yards on 20 carries if we give up 60 on the 21st. They are not any better in this category.

Our coaching staff is bad. We were entirely outcoached in this game. Think half-time adjustments are a major part of the game - just take a look at this game. In essence, San Fran made a few changes and came out and dominated us in the second half. Were it not for a few major calls and plays that went in our favor, the Saints would not have escaped. Our coaching staff just doesn't know what to do with itself.

Finally, our TEs are in the ugly category. So far their play has been categorized by missed blocks, penalties, and dropped passes. They have been way over-hyped. I'm entirely disappointed.

Overall, this was a very ugly win and one I'm not real thrilled about, though I'll take it. Many of us looked at the runing game as the key to success for the Saints this year. Well, if that truly is an indicator, we're in for a LONG season boys. Our running attack has been non-existant and I don't see the Saints being real good if Deuce is not a facotr this year. Likewise, the key on defense is stopping the run. We've yet to come close to that for a FULL game. If we keep allowing 125+ yards on the ground every week, it won't matter what the offense does.

After two games my outlook is not nearly as sunny as it was in the preseason. Right now we look like a 6-10 or 7-9 team. I hope that this comeback win is enough to change their attitudes and catapult them to a few consecutive wins. We need to step it up if we're going to get anywhere near 10-6.

themightyduck 09-19-2004 06:07 PM

Well, I have to agree. The Saints won, and that\'s all that mattered. However, the coaching is horrible. Not once did I see an adjustment to the offensive scheme. McCarthy is a retard, and I am praying that Benson has enough sense in him to fire this clown. We will continue to waste away this team\'s pool of talent with boneheads like McCarthy.

And the rest of the coaches STILL cannot motivate a freakin\' football team!

JKool 09-20-2004 02:25 AM

A fair assessment WhoDat.

I think I\'d change two things:

1. I\'d put our running game in \"the ugly\". We know that those guys can produce a running game, they just haven\'t. I don\'t know what is wrong with them, but they are the same group that made things happen last year (though, perhaps the loss of Fontenot may be a reason). I think they\'ll get it worked out. Also, Karney is a fine full-back (he\'s at least as good as T-rex was) - they just don\'t play him nearly enough.

2. I\'d say the coaching should be in \"the bad\". These guys are just plain awful. From the dismal offensive play calling (please no more off tackle lefts and short patterns to WRs!) to dismal discipline, there is no one MORE to blame for this inconsistent play than the coaches. Turn it around in the next two games or fire the lot of them - I\'m sick of their shiznit.

CheramieIII 09-20-2004 04:43 AM

I really did not see any drop off in play from Deuce to Stecker with the exception of a fumble or two, if that is what you were talking about. I agree with you about the rest.

BlackandBlue 09-20-2004 08:54 AM

Dear Haslett-

1. Fix the snapping problems between AB and Bentley. It seemed to have been an issue all day. I figured we would have hammered this out before allowing Fontenot to leave, and go to a Bengal team, where, despite only playing in their system for a few days, looked good.

2. Our run defense is the biggest problem on this team. In week one we allow 169 yards total rushing to the Seahawks, and follow that up with allowing 180 yards to the 49ers. People think McCarthy is the biggest problem on this team, I think he is a problem, but the biggest problem falls in the hands of Venturi, cause this defense is wretched.

3. McCarthy. But this has already been hammered into the ground.

4. Why do the players continue to play with the mental affinity of a box of hammers? More stupid errors on the players part again this weekend. Why did Gardner run into the punter??? That made no sense- boneheaded, which is becoming a symbol of this years squad. We had 4 fumbles yesterday, but only lost one. So you won\'t here about the three times that AB put it on the ground yesterday.

And to all the people that were ready to ship Horn out of town before the season started, rewatch the game from yesterday and explain to me why. I\'m calling all you fools out on this one, cause I remember the posts, and never agreed with it. After all those plays, please justify to the masses why this would be such a great idea. I\'ll be waiting for all the replys I get on this one.

Danno 09-20-2004 08:59 AM

I\'ve been quite critical of Horn in the past and I still don\'t like his antics, but if all 53 of our guys had his heart and gave his effort we\'d probably be the most hated team on the planet but we\'d be whoopin your asss every week.

My hats off to Horn. He looks like one of the few real players we have on this team.

SaintsFan1967 09-20-2004 12:26 PM

I to have been critical of Horn. I don\'t like HOT DOGS and SHOW OFFS. He has cost us a few games over the years with his mouth. But I will admit that he has made a lot of contributions to this team with his talent and his effort. And I don\'t like Dion Sanders for the same reason. Although I will admit that he was a great player. Joe played a good game sunday and I hope to see more effort from him this season. And if our WR\'s continue to give this kind of effort I know our passing game will continue to improve.

WhoDat 09-20-2004 12:39 PM


And to all the people that were ready to ship Horn out of town before the season started, rewatch the game from yesterday and explain to me why.
I\'d just about forgotten about that BnB. Thanks for reminding me.

Glad to see Danno sees his value - although I\'m shocked not to hear about how worthless Deuce is. ;)


He has cost us a few games over the years with his mouth.
This is the kind of stuff that upsets me. Can you please name one game in the last four years that Joe Horn cost the Saints b/c he talked too much? I\'ll be waiting.

saintfan 09-20-2004 12:43 PM


Can you please name one game in the last four years that Joe Horn cost the Saints b/c he talked too much?
Not one...which is exactly how many Brooks cost us via his smile. The worm isn\'t just turning, he\'s ROTFLHAO. So am I.


Danno 09-20-2004 12:46 PM

[quote:a397b461ca]Glad to see Danno sees his value - although I\'m shocked not to hear about how worthless Deuce is. ;)
Now now, I never said he was worthless, all I ever said was that his play has slipped. I started saying that last year in fact. I believe it has slipped. I also think he is still our best player, he\'s just in a slump. I\'ve also noticed quite a few more people are agreeing with me.

And if his name was Aaron Brooks there would have been cheering when he went down Sunday. :(

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