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barano 09-19-2004 07:50 PM

The emotional progression of haz
I, like many others, believe that Has is the root of our problems. One of the signs he needs to go (not counting the teams horrible discipline and obvious lack of confidence in him) is that he is not the same coach he was when he took us to the playoffs and to our first ever win there. Hes gone from a focused fireheaded guy who liked to blitz and take risks, to a man who looks like hes hung over and just gets more and more depressed as the team trys to coach falls futher and further out of his control with every snap.

If you notice, he still gets credit for his risk taking smashmouth football mentality, but he is noticably toned down. He rarley bothers to discipline his team after making a mistake during the game. The only time he ever gets mad is at a ref, like it will make one bit of difference.

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