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DARKFATHER504 09-20-2004 11:05 AM

For anyone to be a (FIELD) leader on this team the team leaders needs to improved. After two games the Saints have been out coached simple as that. Until we get a better Defensive coordinator all of our games will be like this. We have two running backs and both are hurt, we let Ki-Janna go for some unknown. Venturi states they worked on the cut backs all week in practice. Well the only cut backs that seems to work are the ones applied by the government and not the SAINTS. Venturi always seems to get granted a stay of execution and players seems to be getting executed on the field. We will suffer this season and Haslet will be gone. Remember Haslet 1st playoff victory was with Ditka’s holdovers, since he put his name on the dotted line we have not done anything since that year. Look for Benson to make the change at the end of the year and if so who is out there. Talent we have leader ship we don’t and that starts at the top not on the field. So lay off Brooks (I am the main one who is not putting up with Brooks – but for 2 games he has been decent)[/b:89387ec446]

SaintsFan1967 09-20-2004 11:40 AM

AB is not the problem. Grant it a leader he is not. The problems are much larger than just leadership on the field. Ever since Ron Zook left our D has gone down hill. And who is to blame. Well the Head Coach for starters. But also you can blame Tom Benson. Why Benson? Because he\'s the one who fired Mueller. The 2000 season was a result of him and Ditka and the personnel they brought in. And look at the personnel that they\'ve brought in since. Micky Loomis will need to be replaced and well as the coaching staff. :BlueFlagRocket:

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