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Crusader 05-31-2013 12:22 AM

Drew Brees: "Everybody Wants to Be Here Right Now"
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New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees Media Availability
Thursday, May 30, 2013

You had previously said that at the end of the offseason, you will have seen every look from Rob Ryans defensive unit. Did you see some of that today with some of those exotic looks?
Were only a couple of installs in, its been base and a little bit of nickel, so I think were just scratching the surface of what were going to see. But thats the fun part, to see our defense every day get more comfortable with the stuff thats being installed in Rob Ryans scheme and system, the way theyre being coached. We have some great leaders on our defense, some really smart guys that are picking it up quickly. Its a challenge for us offensively because were seeing some things that we havent seen in a while, or ever. You always have to find ways to combat that.

Was there an element of surprise? Such as when Curtis Lofton came up the middle (through the line), because he wasnt used that way very much last year?
I think were experimenting with a lot of stuff right now. Seeing how everyone is going to fit into the new scheme, how we can put every guy in a position to succeed according to their strengths and certainly you have to keep people off-balance and change things up quite often. But, yes, its interesting to see how it all plays out here.

How important is it just being here? Coach Payton said it was the first time the team has had 100% attendance for these OTAs since he has been here. Is it making a big difference, even now?
Id say this, most of the time, maybe, in the past, youd say there is a pressure on you to be here, to have 100% attendance just for the sake of saying that we had 100% attendance. But guys want to be here. Guys want to be working, whether its in the weight room or on the practice field. Guys want to be putting in extra time, whatever they can, to find a role on this team. I think we all realized that we have something really good going here. Its going to take a lot of work. But everybody wants to be a part of it, everybody wants to be present. Its part of what helps your team come together, struggling through some of the tough parts of conditioning and that kind of thing through the offseason and as we get into these kinds of practices, learning the new wrinkles on both sides of the ball.

What is it like to have it all be just about football this year?
Its great. I said this last week, but this is the first normal offseason weve had since the 2009 offseason. We won the Super Bowl in 2009, so the 2010 offseason was crazy. We started later than normal because we played so late and we were coming off the Super Bowl championship. The next year was the lockout and the next year was all of the bounty stuff and contract stuff. Here we are, really for the first time in four years, where you feel like this is a normal offseason, where you come to work every day with no distractions other than just focusing on football and getting better.

When somebody young that you work with goes through something like Joe (Morgan) has and is going through, how do you handle that?
Its tough. Unfortunately, when things like this do happen, as a team all we can do is support a guy like that. Hes got a great room that he is in, with guys like Lance Moore and Marques Colston, guys that have been around a long time. Theyve really done things the right way, theyre true pros. What you find is that leaders kind of pull him under their wing and give him the best advice they can. But, in the end, there are consequences to actions and you pay your debt and move on and hopefully youre better for it.

How is Ryan Griffin doing?
Hes doing well. We call him RG4. Not RG3, RG4. Im always impressed with a young quarterback who comes into this system and everything that the system requires. Certainly its a lot thrown at you in a short amount of time and he seems to be able to absorb that well. Hes really done a good job, especially I can think of an instance today where its a complicated play, he gets the protections all lined up and he makes a great throw to a guy on what would have been a touchdown on the seam. When all those pieces start to come together for a guy, you see the confidence build. Hes really working hard and doing a great job. Hes got other responsibilities too, not just learning the system and taking advantage of the reps that he gets, but hes responsible for making our protein shakes after workouts. Its very specific ingredients and there are high expectations there, there is a lot of pressure when he steps into the building to do those things correctly and hes done a pretty good job thus far but we dont want him to get too cocky. There is still a lot of work ahead of him in regards to being a good rookie.

Did you get sad at all when they took down the large poster of Sean Payton in the indoor practice facility?
I have to be honest, I didnt even notice it was taken down. I guess when you are locked in on other things, youre not so much worried about the surroundings. That look that was given in that poster, that piercing look, weve all had that look come our way a few times. Its good to see the man in person, to have him out there. I know he is excited to be back. You can feel it, you can feel the energy. We are just getting started here.

Rookie Terron Armstead got the first team reps at left tackle today. Talk about how he and the other rookies are developing right now.
He looked good. There are some guys offensively, o-line, up front, especially Armstead, who has had a chance here the last couple of days to get a lot of reps with the ones. A lot of things are happening fast out there but I think he has handled himself well. He has a lot of potential. (He) has to focus on getting a little better each day. He is going to have a chance to compete here. Defensively, we have (Kenny) Vaccaro. You see him out there a lot, he is active, extremely active. You can see how he can fit in that defense in a lot of different ways. There are many others too. Im excited to see these guys fit into the system, kind of get their feet underneath them and well see how it all shakes out.

How would you feel about a rookie protecting your blindside?
It wouldnt be the first time. If he earns the job, he earns the right to be there and Ill have all the confidence in the world in him. Were only two weeks in, but hes been impressive thus far. Like I said, its not only youre learning the scheme, but youre learning new technique and you have a new coach. Its the speed of the game and the speed at which we operate offensively. There is a lot to take on in a short amount of time. He doesnt seem overwhelmed which is a good thing.

What is different about Sean Payton this year? What have you noticed about him and his approach?
The main difference is the guy looks like he is in pretty good shape. I dont know if Id want to take him on in one of his crossfit competitions right now, he might have the upper hand. You can just tell hes gained a lot of perspective by being away. He had a lot of great ideas coming back. The man loves football, the man loves to coach, loves to teach. He is a great communicator. Everyone respects him. That goes beyond the game of football. His job, yes its about winning, yes its about helping us all become better football players and building this team, but I think he looks at it as more than that. To shape all of us as people, and he takes that job very seriously, you can tell. The fact that Ive been around him going on our eighth season together, I feel like I know him pretty well and Ive never seen him as excited, as ready for a season as he is right now, for obvious reasons. Thats the way he is too. He loves the game, he is passionate about it, there is an intensity level there and a focus.

How do you feel about the idea of an 18-game regular season?
I think there is a great contradiction in talking about player health and safety and talking about extending the season and increasing the chance for injury, especially the toll that the game takes on your body over the course of a 16-game season. I think that thats plenty and that the system has worked very, very well with that 16-game season.

It would be tough for anyone to get through an 18-game season without an injury
It would greatly increase the chances, thats for sure, of an injury.

For young receivers, what are the challenges of learning the things not in the playbook?
It just takes time. It takes time. Whats good is there is definitely a textbook, blackboard way to teach something and then there is the way that happens in the game. Or the adjustment that happens in a game that you dont even want to go there when you first install the play, but it just happens. They see it just happen when the guy is like Jimmy (Graham), Marques (Colston), Lance (Moore), (Darren) Sproles, Pierre (Thomas). Thats when it happens. We call it feel. Its a feel thing in a lot of cases when it comes to certain plays. It just takes time.

Is it easy to be one of the guys that knows what you want?
Its a challenge. But I think it excites guys because they see the repore that we all have together, the guys that have been here for a long time, and they are like man, these guys are on the same page, its like ESP, they see it happening at the same time and they know the adjustment at the same time and I want to be a part of that. Its probably frustrating in the beginning because youre like I didnt do that, why did he do that? but I just tell those guys that it will come. Its just time and repetition.

Drew Brees: "Everybody Wants to Be Here Right Now"

TheOak 05-31-2013 07:45 AM

Re: Drew Brees: "Everybody Wants to Be Here Right Now"
To the gentleman asking the questions and making statements about what the defense will be changing and doing.

Seriously bro? Why waste your time, just invite the other 31 teams to come and watch us install a new defense so there is so much surprise week 1.

RG4 Protein Shakes Good marketing there.

Crusader 05-31-2013 05:45 PM

Re: Drew Brees: "Everybody Wants to Be Here Right Now"
I Think those protein shakes is a pretty fun way of "hazing" the rookie.

QBREES9 05-31-2013 09:33 PM

Re: Drew Brees: "Everybody Wants to Be Here Right Now"
"Everybody Wants to Be Here Right Now" You should always want to be there.

darksoul35 05-31-2013 10:30 PM

Re: Drew Brees: "Everybody Wants to Be Here Right Now"
I cant wait. Revenge is like the sweetest joy next to gettin -----. Its revenge time this year.

homerj07 06-01-2013 09:44 AM

Re: Drew Brees: "Everybody Wants to Be Here Right Now"
Learn to tackle

QBREES9 06-01-2013 08:48 PM

Re: Drew Brees: "Everybody Wants to Be Here Right Now"
Stop someone on 3rd and 19.

Crusader 06-02-2013 04:30 AM

Re: Drew Brees: "Everybody Wants to Be Here Right Now"

Originally Posted by QBREES9 (Post 505860)
"Everybody Wants to Be Here Right Now" You should always want to be there.

Its a job, seldom do you want to go to your job every day.

dizzle88 06-02-2013 04:35 AM

Re: Drew Brees: "Everybody Wants to Be Here Right Now"

Originally Posted by Crusader (Post 505997)
Its a job, seldom do you want to go to your job every day.

Anybody that does want to be at work everyday is either making 100 Million dollars over 5 years or has absolutely no personal life lol

TheOak 06-02-2013 05:24 AM

Re: Drew Brees: "Everybody Wants to Be Here Right Now"

Originally Posted by dizzle88 (Post 505998)
Anybody that does want to be at work everyday is either making 100 Million dollars over 5 years or has absolutely no personal life lol

Even that type of money wouldn't make me overly zealous to get to work.... Get to payday, yes!


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