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WhoDat 09-21-2004 08:37 AM

Sunshiners REVEALED
A certain someone on this board who will remain nameless has been trying to show that negative comments about Brooks in the past were unwarranted by knocking Deuce now. (At least, that what I presume this person's intent is - he cannot actually think this team would be better off without Deuce).

In knocking Deuce he most often points to FUMBLES as the source of the problem. OK - let's take a look at that, shall we.

Fumbles through 2 games: Deuce - 2, Brooks - 4. Uhhh...???

Further, this is the same guy who talked about how Brooks' LEAGUE LEADING lost fumble total last year was so easily correctible and how the fumbling didn't make AB a bad QB. Now he's knocking Deuce. Agenda much?

Finally, and here's the best part, keep in mind that the most fierce of the "Brooks Bashing" happened in the 2002 season and earlier. Does this person believe that Brooks' play has NOT improved since 2001 or 2002 when he was being highly criticized? Sometimes the arguments are just simply transparent. ;)

Here comes the fun! LOL

BrooksMustGo 09-21-2004 02:50 PM

Sunshiners REVEALED
Well Done WhoDat. :salute:

Once again you have the sunshine boys in the crushing grip of reason.

I am enjoying the irony though. The very crowd that castigated any critique of Brooks as an \"agenda\" now seems to be working with their very own \"agenda\".

Good of you to point out the hypocrisy WhoDat :yourock: . I also like your take on the soft bigotry of lower expectations that the sunshine crowd has about Brooks.


saintfan 09-21-2004 02:56 PM

Sunshiners REVEALED
The Hypocrisy is taking place righ here. The fact remains, you boys are awefully quick to defend Deuce. He\'s done nothing but decline since mid-season last year. Brooks has done nothing but get better.

Ain\'t that something. Yup. Good Job indeed!

BlackandBlue 09-21-2004 03:06 PM

Sunshiners REVEALED
F it, if you can\'t decipher my obscure references. :casstet:

[Edited on 21/9/2004 by BlackandBlue]

WhoDat 09-21-2004 06:06 PM

Sunshiners REVEALED
huh? I got served? Wha...?

CheramieIII 09-21-2004 06:55 PM

Sunshiners REVEALED
No, I think ya got milk, not served, because it\'s obvious someone had the special cookies.

Everyone on the team is to blame for every mistake made by the TEAM. The TEAM concept is total, not individual. When one person makes a mistake the whole TEAM suffers, so conversely, when one person does something good, it\'s because of the entire TEAM.

Do you think Carney could kick a field goal by himself, Brook\'s could throw a TD pass to himself or Deuce could hand the ball off to himself, block for himself and get anywhere close to a TD with 11 men hunting him down like wild game. I think not.

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