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SaintNik 09-21-2004 11:36 PM

Jerrys Kids
The Saints made a big mistake by turning Jerry Fontenot out to pasture this year. They were set on moving LeCharles Bentley from guard to center since they originally drafted him (he was considered to be the top center prospect coming out of Ohio St.) to replace Jerry and he had played so well at the guard position for two years that they believed now was the time. In fact, he was a dominant force at guard as a rookie and should have made the probowl that year and did so last year.

Fontenot was coming off of an excellent year himself last year having been named an alternate to the probowl. How do you demote then outright cut a player that has 15 years of experience and leadership that has started 96 straight games for your club? It has been said that Jerry wore down in the last 4 games. Hmmm? Maybe and maybe not. He may have just not played as well during that stretch as he did earlier. It didn't stop him from getting probowl consideration.

Our club has different players starting at the three interior line postions. Where is the continuity in that? Bentley has moved from a dominant allpro guard to a rookie center with two games under his belt. His overall game hasn't been poor but he hasn't dominated that spot yet and it would be foolish for anyone to expect him to do so after only 2 games. He and Brooks had two fumbled exchanges this past week. His shotgun snaps were horrible in the preseason and while improved, they are slow lazy lobs getting back to Brooks. This must improve as it has a negative effect on the timing of the entire play. I'm confidant he will improve in this area.

My suggestion would have been to have kept Fontenot and the continuity of the line intact. Let me check myself here. We subtracted to probowl players and added none. Answer is -2. They could have played Bentley at center after a games outcome was decided each week which would have rested the old man and would have given LeCharles game experience at the same time. DUH!

Moving forward. Jerry gets a call from the Bengals earlier last week and agrees in principle to league minimun terms to join them but is excused by their organization to allow for him to oversee his family needs during hurricane Ivan. He then joins the Bengals and gets two practices in with the team and suits up on Sunday. He starts and plays the entire game at center where he has just learned their blocking schemes. He makes the line calls. He executes the snap exchange and adjusts to the cadence of a QB that he just met. He mans his spot without a flaw. After the game he was awarded the game ball.

Good luck to you in your future Jerry as it appears you do have some gas left in your tank. Teach those kids along the Bengals line a few things while you are there. Someone here forgot your presence and influence made a difference.

Danno 09-22-2004 06:25 AM

Jerrys Kids
I don\'t know nik. The line looked pretty bad last year too.

I posted a thought on this in another thread.
basically I think last years line would be a bit better in this majority 2-TE set, and this years line is better suited for the 2-back set.

I like Jerry a lot, but I don\'t think his absence is the reason for whats happening now. I also don\'t think T-rex\'s absence has anything to do with our current failures either.
Just my .02

BlackandBlue 09-22-2004 08:31 AM

Jerrys Kids
Good read, SaintNik. I agree with most everything you\'ve said.
I\'ve mentioned the exchange problems between Brooks and Bentley already, so it should be plain as day to anyone that watches the game. Some would blame Fontenot for the pressure that was applied up the middle, last year. I personally feel that this is unjustified, for most of the year, he was lined up next to a rookie guard (Holland) who played like a rookie. I\'m glad to have him on the team, but there is a learning curve.
As sad as it is to say, I actually miss watching Fontenot out front, piledriving defenders, while Deuce had his hand on Fontenot\'s back, allowing him to lead Deuce into the secondary.

SaintsFan1967 09-22-2004 08:56 AM

Jerrys Kids
I agree SaintNit. But does this really surprize anyone. Look how many good players Haz and co. have let go since they been here. Hey how about this. Keep Jerry as a line coach. I really don\'t think he could do any worse than what they have now. :cool:

BrooksMustGo 09-22-2004 09:11 AM

Jerrys Kids
I\'m really curious about what kind of coach Jerry would make too.

BlackandBlue 09-22-2004 09:11 AM

Jerrys Kids
Hey, how about this. Why don\'t you answer questions people pose to you on this site?

[Edited on 22/9/2004 by BlackandBlue]

BrooksMustGo 09-22-2004 09:16 AM

Jerrys Kids

BlackandBlue 09-22-2004 09:36 AM

Jerrys Kids
Not you. I\'m still waiting on the answer that I posed to SaintsFan1967 on another thread. He made a comment about Horn\'s mouth costing us games.

WhoDat 09-22-2004 11:52 AM

Jerrys Kids

I like Jerry a lot, but I don\'t think his absence is the reason for whats happening now.
If you believe the announcers from Sunday, AB seems to think that has a whole lot to do with it...

Hey Blue - who asked that question? LOL

BlackandBlue 09-22-2004 12:33 PM

Jerrys Kids

Hey Blue - who asked that question? LOL
Technically you did, but only because you beat me to it. I\'m the one that\'s still pushing the subject, though. I want an answer, dammit!!! :cussing:

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