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Danno 09-23-2004 07:18 AM

Run game improves w/o Deuce?
First off, I'm not a Deuce basher, I feel he is in a slump and is further handicapped by an OC who insists on running right into 8-man fronts without a FB, and who has no idea how to effectively stop defenses from stacking the line.

But with Deuce out I think we'll see less 8-man fronts. I think it might result in a more balanced run/pass offense. That is unless McCarthy insist on throwing against nickle/dime packages all day. And I certainly don't rule that out.

What do you think?

WhoDat 09-23-2004 08:32 AM

Run game improves w/o Deuce?
Well, there\'s two ways a person like me could handle this. I could jump all over you, suggest that you are CLEARLY a Deuce Basher, that you have an agenda, that you are a miserable person for suggesting that there is anything wrong with a RB who is only in his 3rd year as a starter, note how you\'ve been all over him since last season, ask questions like - what more do you expect than 1600 yards, when was the last time the Saints had a back like this you ungrateful ingrade, etc. etc. etc.

BUT, I\'m not like that. So I\'ll address the substance of your post rather than attack you. ;)

Deuce being out hurts, IMO. First, it\'s hard to ever say you don\'t want your most talented players on the field. Second, the Saints get 8 man fronts because of Deuce. If you don\'t think that help AB in the passing game... well... it does. We will have to see what Stecker and KJ can do. If teams sit back and dare us to run, I hope those guys can gash them. If they can\'t, AB is going to see more and more DBs in the secondary and that\'s not good for this offense. That\'s my opinion.

rich006 09-24-2004 04:35 AM

Run game improves w/o Deuce?
Remember when Marshall Faulk was with the Colts and he was the only good player they had? I remember quite a few times when the team played better without him than with him. When he was injured, the rest of the team stepped up and executed (and won). When he came back, it seemed like they all stood around expecting him to win it for them (and they lost). I don\'t know if we have the same situation here, but I wouldn\'t be surprised.

Everyone keeps talking about how Deuce is the key to the offense, and I think the players (and coaches) may have bought into that a little too much, counting on Deuce to be the angel of victory. However, the real key to the offense is solid execution from the line and the QB: if that happens, all else will fall into place. Just maybe, without Deuce in the game, the rest of the team will be more focused on executing their own responsibilities.

Of course losing Deuce is not a good thing in the long run. First, we need his talent. Second, I half expect the team will play well while he\'s gone, then fall apart again when he returns. I hope what happens is that the team gels without him and then continues to play well after he returns. Then we\'d be unstoppable.

Which way to the sunshiners\' club? :)

dberce1 09-24-2004 08:25 AM

Run game improves w/o Deuce?
I think it will balance out. Yea, we\'ll see less 8 man fronts stacked against the run. However, the two backs we\'ll have running it can\'t hold Deuce\'s jock strap. So, you\'ll have a softer defense vs. less talented RBs. But who knows, I\'m hoping you guys are right. Pray for Aaron Brooks.

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