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blake6900 12-22-2002 03:40 PM

Q:Just how bad are the Saints? A:Real bad...
Q: Is Aaron Brooks one of the NFL's top-5 QBs?
A: Of course not.
Q: Why is Boo (as in boo-hoo) Williams on this team?
A: For comedic relief.
Q: Does Jim Haslet have a problem motivating his players?
A: the Pope Catholic?
Q: How do the Saints spell defense?
A: N-O-N-E-X-I-S-T-E-N-T...especially in the fourth quarter.
Q: Where was Norman Hand today?
A: Norman who?
Q: Am I bitter?
A: You bet I'm bitter.

This is getting ridiculous. This team isn't this bad...or maybe they are. Perhaps Aaron Brooks should have spent less time pissin' and moanin' about not being selected to the Pro Bowl and a little more time being a team leader. At this point, his butt should be parked on the bench and Jake Delhomme should be starting.
Throughout this entire season, the Saints have played to the level of their competition. Today they played to the level of their final four games of last year.
I've been a Saints fan since they came into the league in 1967 but I'm getting tired of this. Maybe we need that woman to conjure up another mojo like she did two years ago.

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