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Saints2002 12-22-2002 04:11 PM

Is this year's collapse worse than last year's?
I say it is, because this was SUPPOSED to be the year without lockerroom controversy, etc etc and last year at this time, we all knew that the Saints had quit. This year we THOUGHT we all KNEW that we were in the playoffs. Now, it's out of our hands...If the Giants win Saturday, Sunday's game will be meaningless... :casstet:

WhoDat 12-22-2002 05:32 PM

Is this year's collapse worse than last year's?
Hard to call. Last year at the beginning of the year everyone said that the Saints were a real Super Bowl contender. So not making the playoffs at all and being outscored 160-40 or whatever it was was a huge deal.

This year, nothing was expected of us, so it\'s different. However, After starting 6-2 with a schedule that included 5 playoff teams expectations grew. I mean, at the bye week this year there were a lot of analysts saying look out for the Saints. We had beaten just about every good team we had played and the second half of our season had been filled with creme puffs.

To me it\'s close, but I say it is worse b/c it\'s the second year in a row. Tony Dungy got fired after being the winningest coach in Tampa history for a long time. His only flaw was that he couldn\'t make it to the Super Bowl with the talent they had.

Well Haslett might not even make it to the playoffs with the talent we have. To me that\'s grounds enough. Afterall, look at what Gruden has done this year in Tampa. We need to go out and get a Marvin Lewis, Norv Turner, or pull Mora, Jerry Jones, or the big tuna out of retirement.

daviddrake2 12-22-2002 08:40 PM

Is this year's collapse worse than last year's?
I\'d have to agree with Whodat that this year is worse that last year. With all of the talent this team has on offense, i.e. Brooks leading the league in TDs, Horn putting up phenomenal numbers (even with limited receptions), a very talented receiving corps, Duece breaking records returning kicks, a very special Special Teams unit and Duece setting a new standard for SAINTS\' rushers, we should have the world at our feat. but we don\'t. The SAINTS have once again squandered a golden opportunity.

What makes it worse this year is that Everyone believed the SAINTS were legitimate contenders. Not just us diehard SAINTS fans, but the whole league and the rest of the nation for that matter. The SAINTS had finally earned Everyone\'s respect by beating the giants of the league. They seemed unstoppable. The only way they could lose was if they beat themselves. And they did once again. They last their drive to win and blew it!

So just as quickly as they won Everyone\'s respect, they lost it. Along with that respect, they may have blown their potential shot at even a wildcard berth into the playoffs. That\'s what\'s so disappointing.

I\'m frustrated and disappointed as I\'m sure you all are. But if you are like me, you\'ll hang in there and hope that one of these years the SAINTS will put it all together and actually win the big one.

Just my thoughts...

Go SAINTS!!!!!

David in Houston (Louisiana this week)

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