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rich006 09-24-2004 05:11 AM

Rams predictions?
Anybody want to hazard a guess on the outcome of this week's epic struggle in the Gateway to the West?

My take (before I get too poetic) is: Saints 23, Rams 13. AB has a decent game, Saints RB's combine for close to 100 yards, and our D-line dominates until the 4th quarter (that's when the Rams finally score a TD). Faulk get less than 100 yards rushing and Bulger struggles under heavy pressure.

Why such a rosy prediction? Because it's an away game and the pressure of being expected to win is off. Everybody knows it's hard to win in St. Louis, so the Saints are more fired up than usual and play closer to their potential.

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Joca 09-24-2004 07:04 AM

Rams predictions?
I would say Saints 20 Rams 17

I think the Saints can win this one!

LordOfEntropy 09-26-2004 09:24 AM

Rams predictions?
I think they can win this one too. But I bet they won\'t.

Ram 27
Saints 13

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