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Saintaintso 07-08-2013 03:32 AM

2013 NFC Playoff Teams ( Juicy Stuff Inside )
NFC North Champion [PACKERS] 12- 4 : Long Reign Rodgers , In a Division with Lions , Vikings and Bears ( Oh My ) what it all really comes down to is the scoreboard. No QB in the league let alone in this Division has the total package the way Rodgers does ... This coming from someone who hates the guy ! Urlacher-less Bears , In and out of Jail Lions after a crummy season , a one Trick Viking offense ( Give the Ball to Peterson ) makes this an easy pick.

NFC West Champion [ 49'ers ] 11- 5 : Mark my words , they will win the division ! Mark and underline the following ... It will not be easy for them ! The Hard hitting defenses of the NFC West won't ode them will for a 16 game schedule and then playoffs against the Likes of Rodgers and others ... Being Physical will catch up with the Niners ...

NFC East Champion [ Eagles ] 10 - 6 Woah Woah Woah ... Yup You heard right ... If history has taught us anything its that a New offensive gimmick or style was highly successful in its first year ... The Problem is this isn't a gimmick and everyone ( Seattle , San Francisco , Washington , Carolina are already running cheap versions of the offense he created , this is Chip Kelly with the one of the most illusive and talented QB's ever. That's like putting a T Rex in a Fighter Jet. Like Tyson and Cus back together

NFC South ... AND NEW Champion [ Saints ]13- 3 Again with the whole element of surprise thing here , nobody is setting high expectations for us and the greatest offensive minded coach in the game just got a year off to better himself ? Pray for other teams Defenses ... Pray hard .... Drew led the NFL in TD's and Yards without a Coach ... I don't think ya'll heard me ! The Saints will be back and in top form ! Drew Breaks Brady's 50 TD season record ...

WildCard 1 [ NY Giants ] 10 - 6 Decent year for N.Y they just couldn't figure out the Eagles offensively and they lost the head to head tie breaker. Eli Has a Career High In TD's and Yards.

WildCard 2 [ Carolina Panthers ]10 - 6 Great List up until this right ? I understand the skeptics here but I'm not putting them in the Playoffs for Cam , I'm putting them in for their Defense ! They have the best pack of Linebackers in the NFL. They have the Backs to Run it down oppositions throat regularly oh and they Have Cam Newton. Terrible Attitude , Still a Stud.

Why Didn't they Make it ?

Cowboys : 8 -8 Romo , Nuff Said

Falcons : 10-6 Bad year for Flying , Disastrous 2nd Half , Couldn't stop the Run late in the Season ( Lofton's with us now ) NFC south Set Themselves up to Deal with Atlanta's Weapons. Remember they split with everyone last year . They had a Great record against the rest of the league but lost one too many division games. Cam got his revenge ...

Seahawks : Last Season was magical , with the pretend refs throwing everything off , everything is earned this season , Sophmore slump ...

lee909 07-08-2013 05:02 AM

Re: 2013 NFC Playoff Teams ( Juicy Stuff Inside )
Number 1 seed and home field advantage through the playoffs.
Ill take that

jeanpierre 07-08-2013 07:25 AM

Re: 2013 NFC Playoff Teams ( Juicy Stuff Inside )
As long as the Eagles have Mike Vick under center, they're not going anywhere; and that defense is just plain awful; Redskins won't be underestimated, but still should cause some damage; Jerry is the Cowboys biggest adversary, Tony is this generations Jeff George; G'nats still don't look healthy, that defense has gotten old, and despite the under-appreciated Eli, Tom Coughlin may find a way to implode overcoming Eli's greatness...G'nats

Don't underestimate Andy Reid and the Cardinals; they've got a new quarterback to get the ball to Fitzgerald; and they've got a defense with new weapons; and the Rams have got some protection for Bradford on both sides - Fisher is smarter than Harbaugh and will stymie the 49ers; speaking of the 49ers, they've got some locker room drama with Ahmad Brooks and it's gonna cause problems; and now teams are looking for them and the Seahawks; potential to take a step back is too great for both teams...Cardinals

Bears are starting to get that they have to protect Cutler, even if he isn't a fan fav; Green Bay has Aaron Rodgers, but do they have the replacements for key vets on defense; Vikings still don't have a QB and the locker room disgruntlement will come out early if they fall behind; Lions are wicked loaded with weapons, but can Schwartz get it done?!? Packers, Lions

Saints should win the division as long as Tampa doesn't have a QB, Carolina has Sham Newton, and Atlanta knows they're Sean's Kid...Saints, Atlanta

spkb25 07-08-2013 09:48 AM

Re: 2013 NFC Playoff Teams ( Juicy Stuff Inside )
Don't discount the Rams... I think they're a playoff team this year

Eagles... highly unlikely. I'll be surprised if Chip is successful at this level. Yeah that speed sh*t works in college, but everyone is fast in the NFL. He doesn't have that advantage

Packers are still best team in the North and west will be more competitive. Bucs look really poised to make a move. We have our work cut out for us.

Seer1 07-08-2013 10:35 AM

Re: 2013 NFC Playoff Teams ( Juicy Stuff Inside )
Interesting. No love for the Seahawks. I think they take the whiners this year. Snake bit Andy is the Mike Smith of the west. Cardinals'll start out farting candy canes and rainbows and break all kinds of red bird hearts down the stretch. 'Nuff said about that.

Cheeze Heads vs Lions will be fun to watch. If the Lions figure out their D, they take their division.

I'm an NFC East hater. IDC takes that division.

I don't think I'm over rating the talent in the Big Easy. If the coaching and the health is there then so's the ring.

Hahaha, "Tony is this generations Jeff George". You nailed it Jeanpierre, that's a quote for the ages!

Vrillon82 07-08-2013 10:58 AM

Re: 2013 NFC Playoff Teams ( Juicy Stuff Inside )
hard to argue with this, I think the records will be a little off, I dont think the Saints finish 13-3, I think 1 team will finish ahead of them, and I think the best record in the NFC will be 12-4 team.

Saintaintso 07-08-2013 01:01 PM

Re: 2013 NFC Playoff Teams ( Juicy Stuff Inside )
I only put the eagles up there because while everyone says Chips offense won't work in the NFL , a lesser version of it is Working for Cam , Wilson , Colin and RGIII ... If the watered down version of it works , I'm confident that the actual thing will work

rezburna 07-08-2013 01:07 PM

Re: 2013 NFC Playoff Teams ( Juicy Stuff Inside )
Chip Kelly's offense will work as long as they can protect Vick. Vick will shine with protection.

TheOak 07-08-2013 01:34 PM

Re: 2013 NFC Playoff Teams ( Juicy Stuff Inside )
Vick - One of the most elusive QBs ever. This is highly contestable.

Vick played in only 10 games in 2012 that's 2.8 sacks per game Foles played in 7 games and had 2.8 sacks/game

Only 3 QBs in the league had higher sack rates in 2012.
PHI O-line had the second highest stuff rate (RB tackled for a loss), and the 7th most sacks given up...

Vick is no more illusive than Nick Foles and if PHI didnt fix their line, Vick will not make the season. Lane Johnston or not the Eagles will have to prove they can protect a QB.

First year gimmicks are not as successful in subsequent years.

Danno 07-08-2013 03:13 PM

Re: 2013 NFC Playoff Teams ( Juicy Stuff Inside )
Likely teams
New Orleans
Green Bay
San Fran

Borderline teams
New York

Legitimate Surprise Teams
St Louis

No F'ing Way

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