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JOESAM2002 12-22-2002 04:31 PM

Well like the rest of you I sat and watched this fiasco. I found myself asking how can this be happening? How can a supposed playoff team look so bad? Where was the desire to win? Where's the leadership? How can any defense give up so many yards? How can a high powered offense not play to potential? If I could ask Santa for one thing for Christmas it would be for this team to answer these questions. Oh well it'll never happen, I'm not even sure they can come up with the answers that they need . I'm just at a loss. There's no answer to any of these questions. This one was the bottom of the barrel, how can you lose to the Bengals? :mad:

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WhoDat 12-22-2002 05:22 PM

The thing I loved about Mora is that you always got a real reaction from him. He gave you \"diddley-poo\" answers and was honest when we played like crap.

Haslett is supposed to be a player\'s coach. He\'s a former player who, when he was brought here, was said to be \"fiery.\" The only times I ever see him upset on the sideline is when the officials make a bad call. When we f--k up he just sits and stares, fuming.

WHy doesn\'t he ***** out our players? Why doesn\'t he get in their faces and scream at them? Why can\'t he fire them up in the least bit? At least sound pissed off at a press conference. All I hear is well... um... BS BS BS. Just say we sucked and we\'re not playing like a team that wants to make the playoffs! Everyone knows it whether you say it or not. You might at least get some of your players fired up if you came out and threw a tantrum and stormed off.

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