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BIGEASY504 12-22-2002 09:05 PM

:mad: Anytime a team has the ability to play at the level of an opponent is a sign that the coach’s are missing something. The ability to keep a team focus. Not at mid season break and think about the playoffs and home field advantage. Losing site of the next game ahead. Bottom line is the coach’s needs to be shaken up. Venturi has been around since Mora. Luv ya loyalty but ya gotta go. Brooks mechanics went down hill as this season wound down. It really has been poor all season and we properly didn’t notice it because we were winning. QB coach Mike Riley needs to be reevaluated, maybe being pressured to become a college coach was a hidden distraction. Also I think his shoulder is bothering him having strength on some passes and under throw on others is a sure sign that from the injury fatigue set in and trying to fight it you lose your accuracy. Coach you should have played Jake for a few games until he was fully healed. I also think during the game Haslett and McCarthy somehow get off of the same page. It’s like the last half of the season we run out of offensive plays. Maybe our season was marked when we got rid of Randy Mueller at the beginning of the season. All this points to the top. Yes we could point to players and schemes and what ever else we could think of. As far as I could remember we never really had a real smart coaching staff. We had the Dome Patrol no offense. Special teams - when? Offense has always been down hill. Never in all phases.

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