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WhoDat 12-22-2002 10:59 PM

Lots of Questions
There are some things this year that are obvious. Our defense sucks. Venturi needs to be replaced. Deuce McAllister is our MVP, follwed closely by Joe Horn. Donte Stallworth is going to be a star.

However, there are a TON of questions. Here are some of mine, see if you guys can answer them.

1. Does Aaron Brooks deserve to be the Saints incumbent at quarterback, or should he have to prove himself next year against Delhomme and any other QB we may bring in?

2. Should the Saints use their draft picks to get young defensive talent, OR in the era of free agency, when a team can easily shuffle 10 or more players in one off-season, should we use those picks to go out and sign free agents to bolster our D immediately and make a run in the next year or two? Can we keep this team intact long enough to develop young talent on the defensive side of the ball?

3. Is Mike McCarthy worth keeping, and should he still be our offensive coordinator next year?

4. Assuming the Saints do not make the playoffs, is Haslett's job in jeopardy? Should it be, and are you interested in seeing things shaken up at all levels, including the head coach?

5. When oh when will Benson hand the team off to his niece, or who ever else he wants to give it to and stop mucking up the works?

6. Is this franchise capable of ever putting together a true contender?

I have my opinions, but I want to hear all of yours some or all of these topics. Let the discussion begin.

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