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Arizona-Trap Game

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; I'm worried about this Arizona game. 1) Saints under Haslett consistantly play down to their competition. 2) Team could be looking ahead to a down Tampa team. 3) Arizona has played tough against the Pats, Rams, and Falcons. This could ...

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Arizona-Trap Game

I'm worried about this Arizona game.

1) Saints under Haslett consistantly play down to their competition.
2) Team could be looking ahead to a down Tampa team.
3) Arizona has played tough against the Pats, Rams, and Falcons.

This could be a dangerous week for the Saints.
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Arizona-Trap Game

Could get caught up in it this year but with Deuce out if makes the rest of the team think differently. It will be a blow out, a genuine bloodbath.

Saints 48 - Cardinals 21
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Arizona-Trap Game

Arizona is the kind of team the Saints need to play right now to make the defense look good. You have a starting QB who has YET to throw an offensive TD, plus their feature back is about 78 years old. The Saints have always seemed to stop Emmitt, even back in his prime. Sunday should be no different. Josh McCown better call his brother and ask him if he knows how to throw a TD, especially since he hasn\'t thrown one since the Vikings game last year to end the season. The defensive ends should have a field day getting to McCown with their horrendous offensive line. I expect a +3 turnover margin in the game for the Saints.

Offensively, can the Cardinals stop the Saints passing game? They\'ve looked solid the last two weeks, and Stecker brings a different dimension that Deuce did. Arizona will have to plan their game on how to stop Stecker. Meanwhile, they can\'t forget about Horn and Co. who Brooks should be hitting all game long.

Saints win by a big margin; 34-13

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Arizona-Trap Game

Oh Boy...here come the sunshiners predicting blowouts :casstet: (and i am a sunshiner) BUT...

Guys, lets not get crazy. I am very pumped about the Rams win, since they looked like they finally found some heart, and looked more like an NFL team.

BUT....BUT that was just one game against a team who didn\'t run the ball that much. The Cards aren\'t that great at running back, but they will run the ball a lot more than the Rams, so let\'s see how they do.

Also, I watched the Cards/Falcons game, and parts of the Cards first games. Man, their defense is not shabby. If our offense stumbles, we\'re in trouble, because our D can make mediocre people get on highlight reels at times.

I still think we can win this game, and if I had to predict a score, I\'d say 17-13 Saints. But it could easily be the opposite. I trust in our offense with Brooks playing like h eis, but it\'s not going to be a cake walk.
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Arizona-Trap Game

this game should scary everyone especially the saints players. there is no quit in the cards. and they r bound to win one eventually. i would have felt a lot better had they lost last week. this team is not a push over. i think our o could at times really struggle. this is a good defense were playing. that is scary. thier offense is down right horrible. that should be why we can win this game. i think this week especially falls on our d. we need to get 2 to 4 turnovers from them. ill take 3. we do that and take care of the balls ourselves meaning no turnovers we will win.
ill say right now i think we win 16-6. only one td from us.
if we come in thinking that this isnt as hard as the st.louis game we will loose. if we do that ill say we loose 10-6.
we better for once play this team the way we should. if u want to judge this team and how different they are or arent from last year i think this game is a big test. if we r different from years past we will win this game and although it may be close we should never be in real trouble. if that happens ill be looking for some promising things from this team.
throw in an effort like we did against the lions a few years ago and i would be left to think were the same old saints. ill take another ugly win as long as we play like we did last week

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Arizona-Trap Game

Saints 31 Cards 30
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Arizona-Trap Game

if the cards can score thirty on our d were going now here this year
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Arizona-Trap Game

Looking at the stats of both teams so far, the Saints should win this game by 3 TD\'s.

But I\'d be happy with a 1-point win on a bad call right now.

This has trap written all over it with Tampa coming to town next week.
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Arizona-Trap Game

Saints gain first shut out since 95 when they faced the and beat the jets 12 - 0.

Saints 28
Cardinals 0

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