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subguy 12-23-2002 09:28 AM

Gator Response
Xanax on the way............p.o. box please,want no trouble. i feel your pain. in case you are wondering why i am typing with no caps,i had surgery on a nerve damaged left arm,too tough to hit shift. i wish they would have kept me under until after that game.

brooks was horrible,jake should have been given an opportunity. where was deuce or why was he under utilized?

horn couldn\'t get open?

nevermind the defense.

you know, the odd thing is.i don\'t fel near as bad about this loss,as minnesota.

i feel like laughing at how bad we suck,just like everyone else out ther

daviddrake2 12-23-2002 10:55 AM

Gator Response
Gator, I am not a \"I told you so\" kind of guy. But if the SAINTS coaching staff read this board, they could very easily read the writing on the wall. maybe then they would see what too many SAINTS fans, not to mention the rest of the league see: cahnges must be made!

There was absolutely no reason that Jake should not have been put in for Aaron in the 2nd half. Asses should have been chewed out throughout the game. Threats should be made and carried through on. Changes are needed from top to bottom.

I still don\'t know who to blame for this monumental collapse. Most obviously, the coaching staff make major misjudgements. But the team as a whole blew yesterday\'s games.

Brooks played miserably. He couldn\'t hit the side of a barn at times. His receivers were equally as bad, not getting open and dropping passes. There was no running game to speak of. And, our defense probably played as bad or worse a game as it has all year. All in all, the SAINTS stunk.

Was it lack of enthusiasm? Lack of drive? Lack of team spirit? Lack of caoching or onfield leadership or simply the lack of will to win? It had to be one or more of these because it certainly was not a lack of ability or talent.

All I can hope for at this point is that someone in charge (hopefully Benson) gets or already is as pissed off as the fans and decides that it\'s time to turn this team around.

It is a sin to waste the talent the SAINTS have right now by putting forth such mediocre performances. It\'s also shameful to tank the way the SAINTS so often do, leaving their faithful fans hanging out to dry year after year.

I know I won\'t stop following MY team, but I sure wish they would make my devotion at least little bit easier.

Go SAINTS!!!!!

david in Houston (in Louisiana this week)

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