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GumboBC 09-30-2004 03:37 PM

Thank God for Brooks!!
He's clutch. He's Mr. Clutch. He's......... Aaron Brooks!!!

Some say winning is all that counts. Well.....we're 2-1. '

Some say we don't deserve to be 2-1. ??

I say we deserve it more than than the teams we beat.

I just wonder if Brooks is getting any respect from his biggest critics? Probably not. I suppose it's just too painful for those guys.

Thank God for Brooks. Because if not for Brooks we'd be looking at an 0-3 record right now. Thank God for Brooks.

I just don't know how much longer Brooks can carry this team though.

No Deuce!!

No Defense!!

Poor Coaching.

All we have is Brooks and a couple of decent receivers.

Thank God for Brooks!!!

Who's with me???

What's up folks??? :casstet:

Saintsin04 09-30-2004 03:45 PM

Thank God for Brooks!!
I\'m wit ya dog! Brooks da man

saintfan 09-30-2004 03:49 PM

Thank God for Brooks!!
Man, you\'ve got some catching up to do. I know you\'re up for it tho. I\'m with ya...been fightin\' the battle as always. Whodat wants to come around Billy. I swear he does, but his moonshinin\' bretherin\' keep pulling him back down. But I\'m close...very close.


GumboBC 09-30-2004 03:58 PM

Thank God for Brooks!!
saintfan --

I know you\'re keepin\' these chumps in line... ;)

I can only imagine what\'s being said by a \"select few.\"

This team doesn\'t look a whole lot different from years past. Except it\'s painfully obvious Brooks is NOT the problem. He never has been.

I\'ve talked to a few Books bashers here in my home town and it\'s pretty clear they\'re just waiting for us to lose so they can pin it on Brooks.

And we will lose some games if we don\'t find a defense.

IMO, Brooks has always been the heartbeat of this team. It\'s certainly not the defense. And it ain\'t Deuce either. We can win without Deuce. But not without Brooks.

Don\'t get me wrong... Deuce is a good back. I don\'t think he\'s great. But very good. Deuce disappears too much and doesn\'t get in the endzone enough. Maybe it\'s the offensive line, though? But that same offensive line blocks for Brooks and we know better than to use that as an excuse. Don\'t we?

In any event. Brooks keeps proving \'em wrong and I continue to love every minute of it. :P

dberce1 09-30-2004 07:02 PM

Thank God for Brooks!!
Hells yea, Brooks finally getting some due here in Nawlins. If ya don\'t believe it, insert Bouman or JT in, and watch the 0-3 record.

Go on Brooks, let em have it!!! :cheering:

saintz08 09-30-2004 09:53 PM

Thank God for Brooks!!

Thank God for Brooks!!
What would I do with some of my slower afternoons without him ....


WhoDat 09-30-2004 10:55 PM

Thank God for Brooks!!

Hells yea, Brooks finally getting some due here in Nawlins. If ya don\'t believe it, insert Bouman or JT in, and watch the 0-3 record.

Go on Brooks, let em have it!!!
Where\'s the pro Brooks agenda talk from those who are so concerned with agendas?

Not a knock on you Dberce, but if I said that we\'d be 3-0 without him I\'d hear about my agenda for the next 3 years. Where\'s the defender of realism now?

JKool 10-01-2004 02:41 AM

Thank God for Brooks!!

Good to have you back. You are a few days behind though.

I\'m with you on this one. Brooks is the man.

I am still wanting to hear arguments as to Duece\'s mediocrity. I think he is one damn fine back! The problem for our running game is not Deuce, it is our offensive coordinator - Duece is a big back, but HE relies a lot on his speed, so I think one of our problems is coaching thinking that we should use him as a power back. When we got him the idea was to give him the ball less often for bigger plays (as opposed to the power game we used with Ricky). I think that coaching has forgotten this and tried to stick with a power game when we should be a passing game. If we sling the ball around a bit better, Duece is going to be THE MAN. So, to repeat, Duece would be all that and a bag of chips if our offensive coordinator did not suck. If people think otherwise, they need to provide more than a vague \"he fades down the stretch\"!


[Edited on 1/10/2004 by JKool]

Zulu_King 10-01-2004 07:34 AM

Thank God for Brooks!!
I think AB has been a pretty stable QB for two seasons. It\'s just plain sad that so many \"fans\" want to see him fail. No one in my other group wanted to hear his rating before he was injured. No cared about anything but his fumbles last season. All I heard was Waaaaaaaa We want Bulger back. Waaaaaaaaa We want Jake back. After AB eclipses them both,the haters are gonna be hollerin for Kilmer. One knucklehead wanted JT to start....

ScottyRo 10-01-2004 11:18 AM

Thank God for Brooks!!
I said before the season that Brooks\' inconsistency was the team\'s biggest problem and I\'m sticking with that. The thing is AB has played well for three straight games. He is definitely one of the main reasons we have a winning record so far.

I feel I was right after all because I said if he improves his consistency we\'ll win more games than if he doesn\'t and we just improve the LB corps or the coaching. Brooks has improved and we are 2-1 and we can\'t say it\'s because LBs or coaching have gotten any better. It\'s simply Brooks.

The maturation problem has taken longer than expected but it is very evident that he is growing in the game. Now, if we just had a defense, we might make the playoffs.

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