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themightyduck 10-02-2004 12:07 PM

Saints vs. Cardinals Predictions
Week 4 is upon us, and this week, we're staring down a banged up Cardinals team under program-turnaround guru Dennis Green. On paper, this game looks like it should be a blowout. But will it?

I've seen the Saints' wins against the 49ers and the Rams, and they didn't come easy. Both games were won by 3 points, and that's chilling to seee against two below average teams...

We've all known the Saints to play badly against the weaker teams in the league. This game is no exception. The time is now for both offense and defense to work out the last few bugs and begin executing perfectly.

No more dropped balls, no more fumbles, no more bad playcalling, no more 10 yard+ runs on our D, no more burned DB's, no more missed tackles, and no more PENALTIES.

With the WR corps as banged up as it is, Brooks may not be as dangerous as he was last week. Donte, Ernie, and Boo all need to step up and start performing. This is their time to shine.

Defensive-wise, we need to dominate this very weak offense. They are lacking in every aspect, except maybe Emmit Smith. If we don't allow less than 10 points, cause at least 3 turnovers, and make 5 sacks or more, then the defense will have failed.

Overall, this game should lean in the Saints direction, but don't count out this scrappy Cardinals team just yet. Dennis Green's coaching has proven that this team can fight to the bitter end.

Score: Saints 27 Cardinals 10

spkb25 10-02-2004 03:08 PM

Saints vs. Cardinals Predictions
in my opinion we will be lucky to get a tough win against a tough team. but its there for us to get. i do not see us running away with this win at all. we cant turn the ball over. n we need to get some turn overs. if we play smart i\'d say we can win 16-6 or 16-10

CheramieIII 10-02-2004 11:33 PM

Saints vs. Cardinals Predictions
Saints 45 Cardinals 21

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