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WhoDat 12-23-2002 08:42 AM

That\'s the story of this team. One thing that jumped out at me on Sunday and showed me just how little the Saints cared was a simple off-tackle running play by the Bengals. Darren Howard, a guy who is supposed to be one of the few good players we have left on defense came around the end of the line untouched. The run had gone to the other side, so of course they left him unblocked.

One of the lunch bunch actually had decent penetration and instead of hitting the hole hard Dillion was forced to dance around. Howard, instead of sprinting down the line and having a free shot to demolish Dillion and drop him for a loss, jogged, or more like walked in a way that made him look like he was jogging, down the line. Dillion got free and busted a 10 yard run. Howard didn\'t even try to pursue.

I know everyone loves Haslett, and I may seem quick to jump, but I think his job really has to be in jeopardy. Especially if they miss the playoffs. Two straight years of complete late season disasters. Squandering talent, and the total inability to motivate players, and in lots of situations, even get the right players on the field. Coaches have been fired for less (Tony Dungy), and I just don\'t want to have to go through two or three more years of this crap before Benson realizes everything I\'m saying right now. Who knows what kind of talent we\'ll have then. This franchise CANNOT afford to squander this type of talent, b/c it won\'t be back here for at least ten years.

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