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BigBull45 10-04-2004 01:00 PM

Chemistry Issues
I read that Brooks said the team was full of fake love and fake camraderie.This team has some serious locker room and leadership issues.the saints need some vocal leaders.This team is young at every position except the secondary.They need a Ray Lewis or Donnie Brooks type of player to inspire the D.Aaron Brooks is expected to be a leader ,but let's face it most of the players with any experience on this team were raised up in the haslett system.

Haslett's system has been to surround himself with youth at every position.Now he has a leadership problem.Haslett is new to his position himself.He's still learning how to be a head coach in the NFL.He still hasn't figured out what works and what doesn't.How can he give direction to a team when he still doesn't know what direction he wants to go.this team is going through some real growing pains because it truly is in a state of infancy.You can't have a team full of youth with a coach who has no real system or sense of direction.

This team needs a savvy veteran coach who is still intouch with the game,and who won't take crap off of his players.A Tom coughlin type.

This team will never grow up and be functionally sound without direction.Some of the players on this team could thrive on other teams rosters simply because they would be more disciplined.Haslett needs to find his sense of direction so he can direct his men and draw a line when it comes to insubordination.

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