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kitavis 06-02-2002 10:11 AM

Saints Offensive Potential
I'm not going to tell you what RW was or wasn't to the Saints. I will, however, lend my thoughts on what "I think", looks to be a very exciting offense.
The Deuce will prove to be a gamer. Man, the dude is big and fast (see Fred Taylor)and will command more attention from opposing defenses than RW, simply because of running style and pass catching ability. Yes RW can catch, but try and place The Deuce in similar catches made by Williams. IMO The Deuce would have scored or at least had huge gains on the same plays.
Pathon could very well be our next "Joe Horn", which would give the Saints the best wr corps EVER in NO should Stallworth prove his metal.
Aaron Brooks may just be good enough to make this O go. We saw glimpses of Brooks 2 yrs ago in showing off gifts rarely seen at the qb position.
When and if Brooks begins to play to his potential, this Saints offense will be the talk of the NFL.

I'm not a blind eyed Saints fan who is only wishing. I see the framework of something very special.

St_Till 06-02-2002 06:52 PM

Saints Offensive Potential
I agree, the Saints have great potential on offense this year... alot of unproven potential.

The biggest thing that concerns me is the uncertainty at running back. We have gambled our whole season on an untested 2nd year player with less than 20 runs in the NFL. And worse than that, we have no one behind him to pick up the slack.

I hope you\'re right about Deuce.

Halo 06-03-2002 12:29 AM

Saints Offensive Potential
:cool: Deuce, a gamble? I somewhat agree with that. But remember how slow Ricky came out of the backfield the last few years? Some plays looked like they had to be designed just so RW could run. And also consider RW trip and fall ability. If anyone slapped at his legs, the guy was on the ground. I think not only were his hands small but his feet were too.

He was a good back for us. But Deuce appears to have that NFL Marshall Faulk “ Edgerin James type look that we are looking for. When Deuce got the ball he knifed his way through defenses much faster than RW. I think Deuce may get stuffed at times, but after he gets past the line of scrimmage he WILL gain a lot more yards than RW could have.

I guess we'll see.

whodatsaintsfan26 06-21-2002 03:21 AM

Saints Offensive Potential
I like what is going on with the WR, TE, and QB position. I am very concerned about Deuce. I know he only carried the ball 16 times last year, but besides the 54 yarder he only averaged 2.4 ypc. I dont think Duece is durable enough to carry the load. In the forth quarter with the lead can he be relied on the get the tough yards and substain a drive? Only time will tell but I have my doubts. I think he is probably better suited for the offense we ran last year than Ricky was, but I still think they used Ricky wrong. I see the possibilities of a very potent offense but if Duece cant get it done then the offense will struggle. Duece will defenitly break some long runs and be exciting but with the game on the line up 7 with 2 minutes to go can he get the yards to move the chains and kill the clock?

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