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saintz08 07-23-2002 01:11 AM

Draft day haunting
Here's where I have to wonder , Draft day I see picks
1. We needed speed , it was obvious against the Rams
2. Grant to replace Johnson or at least try , good pick
3. Bentley - great steal .
4 . Allen - this is the one I wondered . Corners going off the board and we needed the help at this position , even with Dale Carter .

It played this way in my head , Grady comes in to stuff the run , Grant and Howard are in command on the perimeter. The run is shut down , will the other team roll over ?? No they are going to pass and pass some more . We need corners !!!

Carter was a risk , obvious . Picks 4 and 5 should have been corners . Not saying Allen may not turn out great but the void was there at corner and should have been addressed . Craver at 5 may help , but there should have been more .

Hopefully we are not visited by the ghost of Draft Day past all season long ...

whodatsaintsfan26 07-23-2002 08:13 PM

Draft day haunting
I think with Carter in the lineup at the time LB was more of a concern. I think we saw last year the LB speed was not good. (i.e. First play of the Colts game.) So I dont think Allen was a bad pick at the time. I think Craver was a great pick. This is a guy with 1st round talent. He will have a big impact before the season is over. We could have used some DB help, but with Carter in the lineup LB wasnt a bad pick.

saintz08 07-23-2002 09:49 PM

Draft day haunting
I would have gone lb in the later rounds , like where we picked another tight end . Did we really need another tight end with Sloan and all the ones from last year signed ? The corner was a serious need , especially since the defense that is used to defend teams like the Rams uses an extra corner or safety and pulls one linebacker .

Dale Carter was a gamble , not someone you rely on . He has broken the substance abuse policy 4 times ??? He needed a baby sitter , Jake Reed . He is someone you hope can pull his act together and help the team , not someone you rely on or draft around .

Drafty01 07-27-2002 03:45 PM

Draft day haunting
I don\'t know, I am inclined to believe the CB would have been the better move than Stallworth on draft day . Stallworth won\'t get that much playin time and the CB would have been pressed into service immediately.

saintz08 07-27-2002 04:33 PM

Draft day haunting
I know exactly why Mueller pulled the trigger on Stallworth , Randy Moss . He has left a lot of GM\'s around the league second guessing , Stallworth has the speed that could leave a corner flat footed , but can he get off the press coverage ???

I had hoped for two good cover corners in the draft and the draft was loaded with them . I hope free agency and the final cuts expose someone good and Loomis signs them ...

buzwa 07-29-2002 11:37 PM

Draft day haunting
I\'m inclined to agree with Drafty01. The saints could have gotten a CB first and still gotten a good wideout. They may have been more inclined to keep Willie Jackson in that scenario though.

saintz08 07-30-2002 01:36 AM

Draft day haunting
If Stallworth has the speed and can get off the press coverage , he is going to make a deep passing down look like a jail break . Who are opposing defenses going to double cover ??? Slower corners are going to line up miles off this guy .

Eight in the box is going to seem like a suicidal thought against the Saints, something seen way to often in past years . Blazing speed is hard to pass up , how many times have we seen highlight reels of the Rams receivers breaking one and said Only if we had that speed . How many times did Rice blow past a great corner ??

Horn is good, but getting older and suffering from hamstring problems and wants more money .
Pathon is good , but untested since the injury
If either goes down , we would loose the speed on the end .
Stallworth gives us someone defenses will have to respect because of his speed .

There were still good corners to be had in round 3 of the draft . Only 1 receiver in the draft with 4.2 speed and good hands ...

CTSaint 07-30-2002 01:55 PM

Draft day haunting
I have to agree with Saintz08 that Stallworth was a solid pick and a need for the saints. I wouldn\'t be too comfortable with Pathon and Reed as the #2 and #3 Wr\'s. I am however a little confused that Saintz08 was saying that Brooks should be dropped for Delhomme. Does anyone in the league throw a better long ball? Isn\'t that what we have Stallworth and Horn for?

[Edited on 30/7/2002 by CTSaint]

whodatsaintsfan26 07-30-2002 02:55 PM

Draft day haunting
I agree with you CTSaint he throws a real pretty long ball, but I think my concern is what he does when hes not throwing the long ball. He makes bad decisions. After he threw the pick against the Rams when he was falling down he said it was a bad throw. Then would you believe he throws the same ball again against the Colts. Luckily that one was not picked off, but just another bad decision. I think he will be a very good quarterback, but I think he needs to show some the organization that before he gets his fat contract. Sorry I got of of the draft day subject. I still think the saints had a good draft. I think they filled needs in most areas. Cornerback is still up in the air.

[Edited on 30/7/2002 by whodatsaintsfan26]

saintz08 07-30-2002 10:21 PM

Draft day haunting
Brooks should be dropped for Delhomme ??? Must have missed that posting CTSaint .

Could be dropped for Delhomme , is more understandable . Brooks could want more contractually then he is worth . He has certainly put a sour taste in managements mouth after his recent hold out while under contract . His self proclaimed super star status to the general media , certainly indicates he considers himself in the upper eschelon of quarterbacks in the N.F.L. , while his field play does not support it .

Brooks certainly has a pretty long ball , the problem in the past has been that it has been thrown pretty long over receivers heads . Brooks timing has been in question in the past in games as well as his on field judgement calls .

My personal opinion , I like Bledsoe hitting his receivers in stride on the long ball . It almost looks effortless at times .

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