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WhoDat 12-23-2002 11:26 AM

Brooks VS. A Ten Year Old
At first glance this seems like a toss up, however 10 years old learn quickly. They pick things up all the time and are constantly getting smarter. Thus, this has to go to the ten year old.

Emotional Maturity:
Toss up. Both think that everything in the world should go their way with little or no effort. Both pout, whine, moan, and throw tantrums when they don't. How ridiculous do Brooks' tantrums about being signed, not being considered a top five QB, and only being an alternate to the Pro Bowl seem right now?

Again, toss up. Both Brooks and any ten year old would tell you nothing was ever their fault. Blame is always put on someone or something else. I didn't do it.

I'm leaning towards the ten year old here. I mean, for the most part neither have any leadership skills, although, I have seen some pretty bossy ten year olds. That's more than I can say for Brooks.

Yes, this one has to go to Brooks, but then again, he is competing against a ten year old.

Who is to say? I mean, a ten year old could grow up to be the next Joe Montana or the next Fred Schwartz (exactly, who is Fred Schwartz?). Too hard to call.

Thus, you have one push, one for Brooks, one for the ten year old, two ties, and one that leans towards the ten year old. Maybe we should go find a kid and put him back there.

WhoDat 12-23-2002 02:52 PM

Brooks VS. A Ten Year Old
Not loving it at all! I don\'t like the I told you so game, and I really wish that it hadn\'t taken this to make everyone see that Brooks is not the start he\'s supposed to be. Of course, Haslett still hasn\'t said that Jake is the starter against Carolina. The worst possible thing in my mind is for the whole world to once again see the error in the Saints\' coaching staff\'s ways - except of course for the Saints coaching staff.

What happens if Jake doesn\'t start in the last game, gets fed up and wants to leave no matter what?! Then next year we\'re really screwed b/c, unless we go pick someone up in free agency, Brooks absolutely has to play every snap.

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