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WhoDat 12-23-2002 02:58 PM

Playing for their jobs
Agreed, agreed, agreed Gator. Unfortunately, I\'d be amazed if that happens. I mean, even if they lose to Carolina Haslett will be 26-22. That has to be the best start for a Saints coach ever AND its probably the best winning percentage ever by a Saints coach... or close to it.

I don\'t think Benson has the balls to do what the owners in Tampa did - fire a winning coach. Of course, that is what SHOULD be done IF this team doesn\'t make the playoffs. We are wasting talent already. The longer Haslett stays the longer the bleading and the more wasted time and talent. MARVIN LEWIS, MARVIN LEWIS, MARVIN LEWIS... c\'mon eveyone, chant it with me.

daviddrake2 12-25-2002 10:49 PM

Playing for their jobs
My favorite postgame quote by Has was\"That was not us out there.\"

Well if it wasn\'t the SAINTS that lost so miserably to the Bungals on Sunday, then someone ought to tell the officials soon. It sure looks to me like the NFL has mistakenly credited the SAINTS with a loss for that game and if \"We\" didn\'t actually lose, than were not in as bad a shape as we all thought we were.

Oh well, so much for taking responsability for bad coaching, play calling and a just plain crappy day of football.

David in Houston (in Louisiana this week)

BTW: this post did not deserve a \"Go SAINTS!!!!!

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