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Between a Rock and a Hard Place ...

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Originally Posted by RaginCajun83 I was joking about how the Saints o-line can easily get over powered by bigger defensive lineman but I like your FACTS, you can't argue against facts Trust me brother... Plenty do. All day long. Keeps ...

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Re: Between a Rock and a Hard Place ...

Originally Posted by RaginCajun83 View Post
I was joking about how the Saints o-line can easily get over powered by bigger defensive lineman but I like your FACTS, you can't argue against facts
Trust me brother... Plenty do. All day long.

Keeps me on my toes.
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Re: Between a Rock and a Hard Place ...

People were talking noise about how he had "lost it" in 2010 too, then he went and had the best year of his career in 2011. I would not be declaring the demise of Drew Brees just yet.
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Re: Between a Rock and a Hard Place ...

Originally Posted by SaintsBro View Post
I've given up trying to understand it! It's like people have this pre-written doom and gloom narrative about the contract in their heads, and THEN they watch the games looking for it. Every little thing that fits the narrative, gets amped up and blown out of proportion by them.....Every thing that doesn't fit that narrative, gets IGNORED, including 2-0 and Drew's amazing, 32nd career come-from-behind-4th-quarter drive. That's the 15th time he has done this for them in the 4th quarter, as a Saint, and STILL people are not happy with him!

Homer07 just proved it...show him facts and cap evidence to the contrary and it's "nope, sorry" and he repeats the same line about the contract as before.

The fact of the matter is that I've concluded this fan base is extremely SPOILED. I could not believe that drive at that end of the game. After it was over I had to leave the room, I was walking up and down, pacing around the house, I couldn't sit still -- I couldn't believe what I had seen. People in my family called me and texted me on the phone, the second the kick went through, to share the moment....

I thought I would log on here in this forum on Monday morning and see people raving, out of their minds about how beautiful a thing that drive was.... I looked around and it seems like almost NOBODY here talked about it, at all -- all they do is b-tch and moan about the contract, and Brees underthrowing, this and that, nitpicking and grumbling.

I cannot believe that people are kvetching and *****ing about Brees, and not appreciating what happened in the last 1:06 of that game. To do that with no time outs and no sidelines? If you're not completely pumped up and ready to chug the Drew Brees Nyquil after that drive, if you think that was ho-hum football, then something is not right with your head. That game was basically a lower scoring version of the ugly awful 49ers playoff game, except THIS TIME WE WON.
I am with you 100%, the doom and gloom about Brees is baffling to me. Maybe 2013 Brees isn't quite as good as 2011 Brees or 2009 Brees, but he's still one of the very elite QBs in the league. This is all going to come together at some point, just got to be patient.
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Re: Between a Rock and a Hard Place ...

I don't think its people getting spoiled that are causing the questions about brees

The thing thats causing the questions are - 4 redzone trips - O TD's - granted a couple were ingram trying to run to the wrong endzone

Throwing into coverage or just making bad decisions

vs atlanta he completely missed the free safety break on the ball and he should have made the easy pick - lucky for us he dropped it, however brees threw a pick 3 plays later anyway

He completely missed the linebacker dropping into coverage vs bucs when trying to force a pass to lance moore - INT , and then once again missed a wide open PT and made a trent dilfer type interception that nearly cost us the game (brees saved it at the end)

I am in no way saying brees should be benched or anything close to that
His decision making needs improvement, he is a 13 year veteran and an elite QB that over the years has become worse with his decisions.

We need our running game to step it up to take some pressure off it but it still doesn't change the fact that he is consistently making questionable decisions and forcing passes like last year - except this year we have a defense

I am convinced if we score 3 - 4 TD's a game our D will do the rest - we've only managed 3 TD's in the last two games combined

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Re: Between a Rock and a Hard Place ...

Originally Posted by Boutte View Post
For one thing I don't think Stills is the deep threat Henderson or even Morgan is/was. Defenses just aren't scared of him.
Totally Disagree.

Stills is going to be better; Devery and Morgan didn't even see the field or figure as prominently in the passing pecking order as Stills has.

Make no mistake - Brees' shoulder is weakening, it was reconstructed before he signed with the Saints - a big risk this team took to acquire him.

And when the shoulder finally goes, so will the Saints; no passing game and no room to get another quarterback, nor the lcomplementary players' to make for an easier transition...

Those two reasons, the declining, aging shoulder and the cap consuming number, were why I didn't like the Brees contract...

In fact, maybe naive, but was surprised that Brees, who goes to great lengths to push the Team First Image, wasn't smart enough to engage in a 16mil/annum contract a year earlier - realizing a cap friendlier contract could have kept Nicks to protect him was BOTH his and team self-interests...

Instead, the Saints were put in a lurch with a highly paid contract to Grubbs and left with none, no maneuvering room for to make personnel moves...

Thank the maker that we finally started picking winners again in the draft or we'd be screwed right now; the Vaccaro forced turnover and the Stills deep ball (which he had to slow to catch an underthrown ball) were the two biggest plays in the Saints win in Week 1...

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Re: Between a Rock and a Hard Place ...

If Brees keeps taking shots like he has been in the last 2 games none of us will have anything to worry about, he'll be done!!
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Re: Between a Rock and a Hard Place ...

I think ya'll are crazy. That just me.
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Re: Between a Rock and a Hard Place ...

Can we make a thread for random fan speculation about how the franchise is going to suddenly burst into flames?
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Re: Between a Rock and a Hard Place ...

Never said cut Brees ... Hope he has a career game every game from here on out , same goes for ingram ... Facts and opinions greatly differ and some facts are misguided ... Loomis is a genius of sorts and we need to do something about this blocking one way or another ... You think you're frustrated with ingrams 2 yard carries ... That same family dollar cheap blocking can easily get Brees massacred and god forbid hurt... The line sucks we shouldn't dismiss that because it's ingram struggling back there ... All of out backs are struggling ! Brees is struggling ... Nothing gets done without a line

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Re: Between a Rock and a Hard Place ...

Keep dwelling on the joy of being 2-0 well wakeup Monday and be 2-1
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