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saintz08 10-06-2004 06:06 PM

Bucs hangin at B and G
The Bucs brass have been hanging out at the Black and Gold site .

It shows :

blackroses 10-06-2004 06:52 PM

Bucs hangin at B and G
I must say I like it to bad the dark side will win the dark star will kill the jeddi knights and take supreme authority over master yoda and the luke sky walker crusade. Bucs suck we have there number. Use the power of the black widow the giver of life and death grasshopper happy song grasshoper myagi hungy aweeee yep that felt good bucs suck our firtility sticks bucs, our are prostitutes where the pimps in dis stuff. man we only give them prostitues 10 percent of there earnings.

themightyduck 10-06-2004 09:49 PM

Bucs hangin at B and G
That was a pretty funny intro. You administrators/moderators any good at animating movies? ;)

BlackandBlue 10-07-2004 12:19 AM

Bucs hangin at B and G
That was about as funny as their record.

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