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saintfan 10-07-2004 11:06 AM

Offensive Line
Since we're back into taking polls I have one of my own. I, personally, think our offensive line leaves a bit to be desired. It has been said by Whodat, specifically, that our offensive line "excels" in pass blocking. Of course he uses Deuce's 1600 yards last year as proof that our run blocking is excellent as well. While I admit that the scheme involved plays heavily, I disagree with his assesment of the overall ability of our offensive line, in both run AND pass blocking. I say this mostly because I think (a) Deuce made a lot of his yards on his own and (b) Brooks runs for his life WAY too often for me to even consider using the word "excel" as a way to describe our o-line.

Are they better than average? I think so, at times, but it is my opinion that they hardly "excel" anything...other than getting flagged for false starts and holding (Props to BMG for that one).

Thoughts? Opinions? Personal attacks? LOL

BlackandBlue 10-07-2004 11:34 AM

Offensive Line

Brooks runs for his life WAY too often for me to even consider using the word \"excel\" as a way to describe our o-line.
Do you agree that Brooks holds onto the ball a bit longer than the average? Because he does...
The line has been a disappointment this year. I\'ve never been a Riley fan, always thought he underachieved. Gandy had a bad game, but overall he\'s been excellent. I\'m still questioning the move of Bentley to center, it doesn\'t seem to be working. Which leads me to a question- for those that love the draft as much as I, and spend an excessive amount of time evaluating college talent, should Ben Wilkerson be on our radar for the draft next year? The guy is a flat out stud. 1st rounder, easy. That is, of course, with the stipulation that Johnson, Mitchell, Webster, Jackson, and Rolle are off the boards.

saintfan 10-07-2004 11:45 AM

Offensive Line

Do you agree that Brooks holds onto the ball a bit longer than the average? Because he does...
Yes, I would agree, but his holding on to the ball doesn\'t matter when he gets the snap, looks up, and is instantly on the run, and that happens far too often for me to say this line \"excels\".

BlackandBlue 10-07-2004 12:00 PM

Offensive Line
True enough. The o-line has underachieved this year, there\'s no denying that.
So, nothing on the Wilkerson idea?

saintfan 10-07-2004 12:58 PM

Offensive Line
They\'re plain\' like poo, and their line is a great big piece of that poo. LOL.

Do we really want Brooks dealing with another new center tho? Even if he is from LSU. :shrug:

LordOfEntropy 10-07-2004 01:28 PM

Offensive Line
I do think another center is necessary, as Bentley was better at guard than he is a center. So move him back...

But with regards to a rookie center, sure, draft one, as the O-line has looked pretty dismal in my eyes this year. But if we draft one, don\'t start him. The center calls the blocking schemes, and that means a year in the system before he could reasonably complete at the pro level.

Tell me more about Wilkerson.

saintfan 10-07-2004 02:04 PM

Offensive Line
Senior at LSU...good player, but I think he has benefited from the players around him...IMO

LordOfEntropy 10-09-2004 06:44 PM

Offensive Line
I\'ll keep an eye on him in tonight\'s game.

saintfan 10-10-2004 09:25 AM

Offensive Line
How \'bout you Whodat...what do YOU think?

...or are you skirting this post too?

WhoDat 10-10-2004 10:05 AM

Offensive Line
The offensive line has been somewhat disappointing this season. Their run blocking was weak in the first two weeks... real weak. I think when Deuce got hurt, they bucked up in that category. I saw some nice holes being opened for Stecker against the Rams. Last week, they simply didn\'t try to run, so I can\'t say how they played in the run game.

Generally, I think up until last week they have done well in pass protection. Considering how often the Saints have thrown the ball and the predictability of the play-calling, they\'ve held their own. Certainly there have been break downs and mental mistakes. Last week in AZ was the worst they\'ve played, and I truly hope it was a one-time thing.

I think more than anything else, the line play this year has proven that Fontenot should not have been let go. Bentley is in charge of working out the blocking assignments at the line, and he simply isn\'t anywhere near as capable of being the QB of the line as Fontenot was. IMO - you put Fontenot back at center and Bentley back at G this line immediately improves a lot. I also think our tackles are questionable, but then I said that last off-season when the Saints got rid of a guy who was, at least, a solid RT and replaced him with Wayne Gandy.

Overall, the Saints line is pretty average. They are inconsistent right now, but there are definitely worse O-lines in the league right now.

(Hey SF - notice how when you direct questions at me I answer the question? I don\'t talk about Carolina\'s line or suggest that you\'re making implications for some ridiculous agenda? Amazing how that works. Still, I bet your next post will try to use something i just posted to support your feelings on AB, or suggest I have an agenda. Just remember, I didn\'t say a word about the guy, Casper).

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