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spkb25 10-10-2004 10:13 AM

for anyone with questions on the problem being coaching
look at the falcons this year. their offense really isnt great at all. but thier running game is good because they got the o line coach from denver where he was very successful. then look at their d. they were terrible absolutely terribe last year. now look at them. look at the seahawks d since they got ray rhodes and yes to who ever had said it already on here how they were hoping we would get him as a d coach well i was with u. he is not a good head coach but he is a very good defenseive coach. we need help n it isnt in personel. we need help in our coaching staff. they r terrible n we need a new coaching staff.

i was saying last week how i hope we loose the rest of the season. i say that but i dont really mean it. but at the same time i know were not going anywhere this year. my only hope is not to make the playoffs as the current team we r. unless we do just an absolute unseen before turn around n play well who cares if we go to the playoffs. all u gte then is an extension for the current coaching staff and a loss in the first round. i am just ready for a change. i really wish we had grabbed dennis green. at least they play hard

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