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FrenzyFan 10-10-2004 01:43 PM

No more benefit of the doubt
As of right now, I have "reevaluated" my opinion of Aaron Brooks. What a lame excuse for a QB. Before those of you who are in love with him get excited, I am not blaming this season on him. I am just SICK AND FRIGGIN TIRED OF HAVING THE MOST INACCURATE QB IN THE WHOLE "GOSH DARNED" UNIVERSE ON MY TEAM.

Even the bloody ROOKIE from TB is hitting his BLESSED receivers. This is AB's FIFTH FRIGGIN YEAR. Enough is enough. I am sick to death of guys diggin the ball outta the dirt, or it being "slightly overthrown" (my a$$), or him having "no touch".

When we finally fire that worthless Haslett, PLEASE GOD IN HEAVEN, IF YOU LOVE MY SAINTS - TAKE AARON BROOKS WITH YOUR!!!!!!!!!

blake6900 10-10-2004 02:57 PM

No more benefit of the doubt

Brooks throws a great long ball, pretty as a picture. But his touch passes are sometimes problematic. He has issues regarding reading defenses. And it\'s relatively well-known that the team doesn\'t really entrust him with many, if any, audibles. That\'s just the way it is.

Maybe the real reason that the receivers drop passes is because they\'re shocked as hell that the ball is on the money in the first place. You have to admit Brooks does throw behind his receivers more often than he should. The catch by Horn that was in Aeneas Williams\' hands is an example. But I will agree that this team\'s problems do not all lay at the feet of the quarterback. They start with the head coach and, like ****, they roll right down hill. I think getting rid of Hazlett would be a great first step and I wouldn\'t wait until the end of the season to do it.

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UK_WhoDat 10-10-2004 03:03 PM

No more benefit of the doubt
I really believe Haslett should go.

As I said in responce to someone else


posted on 3/10/2004 at 18:25
On the positive side at least Haslett and Co. will be gone after this year

No that\'s a BIG negative.

Please .................. release Haslett & Co NOW

spkb25 10-10-2004 03:05 PM

No more benefit of the doubt
yeah he does do that especially on the td throw just now. but why come out and complaine the way he did earlier in the game when there was a bunch of mistakes that were out of his control. every week it gets old to listen to some comment be made about brooks when the problems r far from his.

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bayouking318 10-10-2004 03:25 PM

No more benefit of the doubt
You must have missed the drop passes and false start that killed us. Once again blame the QB

ScottyRo 10-10-2004 03:30 PM

No more benefit of the doubt
AB did not look good today...he was not accurate at all. However, the loss is still not AB\'s fault but McCarthy\'s first, then Venturi.

The bad play calling is IN-EX-CUSE-A-BLE.

spkb25 10-10-2004 03:31 PM

No more benefit of the doubt
wo wo wo i was defending brooks. please thats wasnt me against brooks. i defended him n for that was blasted

ScottyRo 10-10-2004 03:33 PM

No more benefit of the doubt
I don\'t care about dropped passes today. The O-line killed us. When they weren\'t holding ar jumping before the snap, they were letting runts like Barber get through and stuff runs in the backfield. They had AB running for his life MOST of the time. This is NOT a team strength.

spkb25 10-10-2004 03:39 PM

No more benefit of the doubt
n u know gatorman what the worst is were taking steps backwards. i thought we were better last year. the 1-4 start at least our d was missing like 7 starters. this year were healthy. theres ne excuses. at least last year we were loosing to teams like the titans and colts and the seahawks n i think the panthers.

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