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frankeefrank 10-10-2004 11:02 PM
someone with the wherewithall please set this site up

BrooksMustGo 10-10-2004 11:22 PM
Already done.

dberce1 10-11-2004 08:32 AM
Haslett is definitely not the man for this job, yet I feel bad that we as fans take it so personally. How would you like it if everyday at your job, 10\'s of thousands of people are telling you how much you suck and should be fired??? I know it\'s football, and we\'re all passionate about it, but that\'s got to tear at a man\'s heart some kinda bad.

All_The_Way 10-11-2004 09:36 AM
the bad part is it is more of his coordinators than him, but he is to blame for not stepping in and correcting the problems..

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